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Be Ready to Commute With Any Vehicle With These Pro Tips!
November 26, 2018

Bike Commuting Tips Cycling is good for the environment cheap and gives you a free workout It’s also a great way to commute in heavy traffic as you can cycle right past the standing cars Let’s have a look at 3 tips to make you…

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The 10 Worst Everyday Travel Situations… And How To Avoid Them
November 20, 2018

Public transport is fantastic It gets millions of people where they need to go every day it’s affordable AND it’s good for the environment But there are a few situations in life when life just feels too short to wait for public transport like when…

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Car Sharing Madrid
November 2, 2018

For environmentally conscious customers the four seated Citroen C Zero by Emov is a perfect choice for car sharing in Madrid quiet emission free extremely maneuverable and surprisingly fast on the road free floating provider € 9 registration fees 20 free minutes included prices starting…

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Life's Too Short for Bad Trips
November 1, 2018

As an app that moves people around their cities we love to hear your stories about how we got you out of a sticky situation helped you on moving day or even just saved you from getting soaked on a rainy day Because let’s be…

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5 Berlin Christmas Markets to Get You in the Festive Spirit
October 30, 2018

A trip to a Berlin Christmas market is an absolute MUST It’s the most wonderful time of the year There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than at one of Berlin’s beautiful Christmas markets Soak up the golden light tasty treats and…

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Free2Move Carsharing is Live in Washington DC
October 22, 2018

Good morning Washington DC There’s a new way to move around town Groupe PSA just launched its carsharing services in Washington DC Free 2 Move Carsharing is the new free floating on demand car rental service with perks no other carsharing or ride hailing service…

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Want to Save on Ikea Delivery Fees? Here's how.
October 10, 2018

Let’s be honest you can never guarantee what you’re going to walk out of an Ikea store with Whether it’s candles you forgot you’d run out of an impromptu set of sheets you definitely didn’t need or an armchair to match the sofa you went…

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6 Carsharing Life Hacks Every Driver Needs to Know
September 21, 2018

Because that takeaway pizza won’t warm itself 1 Keep your takeaway warm with seat heating via GIPHY The next time you get a takeaway meal put it on the seat next to you and switch on the seat heater for in car heat retention Not…

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Car sharing Milano
February 3, 2018

With Ubeeqo you’ll find the ideal car when car sharing in Milan Coffee with your granny Big purchase in a hardware store No problem thanks to the very attractive prices free floating provider free registration with Free 2 Move € 25 driving credit Code FREE…

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Carsharing in Hamburg - Anbieter im Vergleich
February 3, 2018

Miles not minutes with MILES you get charged only for the distance and not the time of your trip So no pressure when your trip takes longer than expected Start carsharing in Hamburg with MILES free floating provider free registration with Free 2 Move 10…

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Free2Move Collaborates with Uber
October 9, 2017

Unlimited mobility guaranteed with Free 2 Move and Uber’s collaboration Carsharing is booming In Germany alone there are currently over 150 carsharing providers with 1 7 million registered users and the trend is growing The providers are constantly adding vehicles to their fleets to meet…

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Carjump Becomes Free2Move
February 2, 2017

The story must go on GHM Mobile Development Gmb H sells its majority share to the PSA Group Carjump will now be known as Free 2 Move Berlin 2 February 2017 GHM Mobile Development Gmb H developer of the car sharing app Carjump sold its…

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