Be Ready to Commute With Any Vehicle With These Pro Tips!

Bike Commuting Tips

Cycling is good for the environment, cheap and gives you a free workout! It’s also a great way to commute in heavy traffic as you can cycle right past the standing cars. Let’s have a look at 3 tips to make you ready for a cycle commute!

Bike Commuting Tips

Start slow

Cycling is great fun and gives you an endorphin rush – but it can also be pretty hard on the legs when you first start! Give yourself time to get used to the extra leg action needed by cycling one way at first, and getting public transport or a different shared ride home. And the great news is: this is super easy thanks to shared bikes! Don’t worry about locking your beloved metal donkey up outside the office and praying it’s there the next morning.

Wear smart clothing

When you’re riding a bike you’re exposed to the elements AND you’re likely to get pretty warm after a few minutes. Bring a rainproof coat in case you get stuck in a shower, and wear clothes you can easily adjust if you start feeling too warm. Don’t get stuck on buying fancy cycling gear just when you start out though: a clean tshirt to change into at work will do just fine!

Ride in your time

Even cycle lanes get busy during rush hour, and as well as heavier car traffic being surrounded by a huge group of cyclists can actually be quite stressful. Do yourself a favor and spend some time experimenting with your timing – by leaving your home maybe 15, 10 or 5 minutes earlier. Not only will you be less stressed, but you might find you’re cycling in a chilled out group of happy bikers.

If you plan on commuting by bike to work, here are 5 tips to get started on bike commute!

Scooter Commuting Tips

Faster than a bike (and less work), and easy to park in inner cities, scooters are the best of both worlds. With the added benefit of a good dose of fresh air and speedy acceleration, scooters have taken cities by storm, and are a commuting favourite.

scooter commuting tips 2

Wear gloves

Not only can you get VERY cold hands while riding a scooter, but your hands are an important part to protect during a scooter ride. In France wearing gloves while riding a scooter is actually mandatory!

Use hands-free navigation: with headphones

Driving somewhere new but can’t quickly peek at your phone to check google maps while driving on a scooter? Try this! Start your navigation using headphones, stash your phone in your (secure!) pocket, and off you go! Your navigation will let you know how to arrive at your destination without making your pull over to check the map.

Avoid helmet hair

Not really an essential, but if you’re off to a business meeting or meeting friends after work you don’t necessarily want to look like you’ve just been through a whirlwind after riding a scooter. Our tip: carry a small hairbrush or comb to tidy up your ‘do after taking off your helmet. Or wear a thin beanie under the helmet to retain total hair control at all times.

Car Commuting Tips

If you choose to ride to work in a car you’ll be comfortable and protected from the outdoors: but you’re also more likely to get stuck in traffic. So how can you improve your car commute?

Car Commuting Tips

Relax. Really.

Look other drivers in the eyes and maybe even smile. Switch from a pumping radio station to something calming, like soothing classical music or talk radio. Open your window and breathe the fresh air in. You’ll be so much happier when you make your commute part of “you time” rather than lost time in a car. Might as well enjoy it!

Bring a water bottle in case you do get stuck

Nothing makes gives me more road rage than being dehydrated. It’s a good idea to carry a reusable water bottle with you in case you do ever get stuck to make yourself more comfortable in a traffic jam.

Sit up straight

Yes, even in a car posture matters! Spending those few extra minutes getting your seat before you start driving a shared car will make you so much more comfortable. Make sure you’re not slouching and have a good vision of all your mirrors before you set off. Thank us later!

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