Your monthly car subscription All-inclusive, no commitment, no surprise

24/7 road-side assistance
Maintenance included
Delivery to your doorstep or pick up from dealership

Car subscription services - Select the city where the vehicle will be delivered or picked up at the dealership

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One monthly payment.

Your subscription includes the monthly rental of the vehicle of your choice, maintenance, a mileage package, and roadside assistance!

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No hefty or hidden fees

As opposed to most car leases, Car On Demand doesn’t require thousands of dollars upfront. To get started, simply pay the initiation fee which varies depending on vehicle model.
Every cost is known ahead of time. No surprises.

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No commitment, more freedom.

Car on Demand is a month-to-month Subscription offer, which means No commitment! You are in control, you decide how long to keep the car and when you are ready to stop, simply contact us 10 days in advance of your monthly renewal to coordinate a No-hassle return!

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Delivered to your doorstep or picked up at the dealership

We deliver to your desired address. If you live within our service area, our concierge team will deliver the car to your doorstep. For some cities we only pick up from dealership. In this case you will have to pick up the vehicle on the date and address we will indicate.

How does it work?


Customize your offer

Select the car of your choice and your monthly mileage package.


Create your account

Create your Free2Move account and submit your application for instant feedback!


Your eligibility

We will perform a soft check on your credit (no impact on your credit score) and driving history. If you are eligible, you'll be invited to move forward!


Finalize your contract

Pay your initiation fees and sign your contract online. Dont worry, your monthly subscription fees won’t start until you receive your car!


Delivery to your doorstep or pick up from dealership

Once you’ve paid your initiation fees and signed your contract, our concierge team will reach out to you to setup a date and time for the delivery or pick up of your car.


Drive !

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More information ?

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Car On Demand is a monthly subscription that will allow you to have a car without committing. 

It is different from leases that have 24 to 36 months of commitment, require a hefty down payment and don't include insurance/maintenance.

Your subscription includes:

A monthly rental of the vehicle of your choice


Roadside assistance

Routine Maintenance (Oil/brakes/tires change)

A mileage plan

A free home delivery within our service area

To be accepted in our service, you must be over 25, have an address within our serviced area, have a good driving record and credit history.

Applicants over 70 will be required to provide a medical certificate to prove their ability to drive.

For the driving history we will only accept applicants that have : 

•No more than 2 moving violations in the prior 3 years

•No more than 3 moving violations in the prior 5 years

•No more than 1 at-fault accident in the prior 3 years

•None of the following violations in the prior 5 years:

•Driving under the influence

•Vehicular manslaughter

•Leaving the scene of an accident

•Reckless driving

•Driving while suspended

•Suspended license

All you have to do is browse our available offers at, select the car you want, make sure your zip code is within our service area to access the application page.

During the application process we will ask you to create a Free2move account if you don't already have one. Then we will ask for your personal information in order to perform our financial and driving background checks.

If you are approved, and once you've paid your initiation fees and signed your contract you'll officially be a Car On Demand subscriber!

It is very simple.

You have to give us notice if your wish to cancel your subscription at least 10 business days before the end of your billing cycle.

To do so you can call us at +1 888-625-2549 or email us at

We will then get in touch with you to coordinate the vehicle return.

We won't do a hard credit pull, only a soft pull. Applying to the service will have no impact on your credit score whatsoever.

We’re happy to discuss how we may be able to work with you. Typically we would allow it if you live in California, granting that you come pick-up the vehicle in LA.

Please e-mail us at

We do not offer subscription pauses.

If you want to change vehicle or stop your subscription for a few months, you will have to cancel your current contract 10 business days before the monthly subscription fee due date.

Then, whenever you are ready to get back into the service you will be able to browse our available offers and subscribe again. Please note that you will have to pay the initiation fees for this new subscription.

You can add up to 1 additional driver free of charge. Similar to the main driver, the additional driver will need to fall within our history eligbility criteria, as outlined above. 

We will ask you to provide the additional driver's personal info in order to perform a driving history check.

This option is free of any charge.

The initiation fees are the one-time fees incurred with every new car subscription. 

They include the preparation, the delivery, as well as the DMV registration of your vehicle. 

As of now the only payment method we accept is credit card.

Your initiation fees are due upon applying to the Car On Demand service.

Your first monthly payment occurs the day of the delivery.

Your monthly payment will be charged every 30 days starting from your delivery date (unless notification of cancellation is given to us 10 business days prior)

Your additional mileage fees will only be charged to you at the end of your subscription, when you return the vehicle. Over-mileage is not charged on a monthly basis and is calculated by comparing the delta between the miles you drove and your monthly allowance, time the number of subscribed months. The amount of additional mileage can be found in your contract and the "Additional fees and charges" document.

Spontaneous charges incurred by your usage of the subscribed vehicle such as but not limited to tolls, violations, key replacement.. will be billed to you directly on your account. 

Don't worry about the vehicle registration, it is included in your subscription.

If you want to reach to contact us, please do not hesitate to either call us at +1 888-625-2549 or email us at

Note: The information above is for Car-On-Demand Los Angeles. 

If you request concerns the Washington D.C Car-Sharing service, use or 844-543-7332.

We refresh our offers depending on vehicles availability, don't hesitate to check out to see what's new.

If the model you want to subscribe to is currently unavailable, don't hesitate to call us at +1 888-625-2549 or to e-mail us at

Our vehicles will be between 6 and 36 months old models. We pay close attention in the selection of our vehicles and detail them thoroughly prior delivery. They will feel like new!

Your subscription includes : maintenance, roadside assistance, insurance and free delivery within our service area

Your insurance includes :

Medical Payments : up to $5,000 

Liability coverage:  $200,000 combined single limit

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage: $200,000 combined single limit

Physical Damage Comprehensive Coverage: Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) coverage with a $1,500 deductible

Physical Damage Collision Coverage: Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) coverage with a $1,500 deductible

When you pick your car, we can guarantee the Model and trim but not the color. Our team makes sure to always select the most common colors! If a color is a no-go for you please, contact us at +1 888-625-2549 or email us at

We'll do our best to accommodate your preference, but can't guarantee.

If any of these 2 things happen, you should first seek safety. Then you can call the toll-free roadside assistance to help you. More details in the roadside assistance section.

Routine maintenance is included with your subscription. You’re responsible for keeping your car in good condition, but you won't need to pay out of pocket for expenses associated with standard servicing (oil, tires, fluid changes and  normal wear & tear maintenance) .

If you are not close by our partner's network dealer, you might need to advance the funds for the pre-approved maintenance and would be reimbursed within 15 days. 

If your car breaks down or if you get in an accident, we can help you with  roadside assistance (typically towing, battery jump start, flat tire replacement..)

Please note that we require all cars to be returned in the same condition as delivered, plus normal wear and tear. You would be charged for any damages caused outside of the normal wear and tear.

You will be given a "member guide" which will include a toll-free number to call in case you need emergency assistance

Your roadside assistance will include:

• Towing (up to around 30 miles from LA)

• Tire Change 

• Jump Start 

• Fuel Delivery 

• Lockout up

• Unlimited events

Each individual item is covered up to $250 per occurrence, an unlimited amount of time. If the service fee for an item exceed $250 at once, we will provide you an estimate of the charges you would be responsible for.

The allowed mileage depends on the offer you selected.

To note that we will not look at your miles driven on a monthly basis but for the entire duration of your subscription.

For instance for a 800 miles/month allowance : If you drive 1000 miles the 1st month and 500 miles the 2nd, then leave the service, you would not be charged  for additional miles because you would be under the 1600 miles allowance over the duration of your subscription.

We want you to enjoy your car and you'll be able to take it anywhere in the continental U.S.A. The car is not allowed to leave the country however.

When you return your vehicle, if you have exceeded the overall mileage allowance, we will be charged per extra mile. Verify our terms and conditions our your contract for the cost of extra-miles.

You can stop your subscription any time by letting us know 10 days prior the end of your billing cycle. Then you can start another subscription with another car.

Please note that the initiation fees are vehicle-specific and they will be due if you select a new vehicle.

It is your responsibility to pay any ticket incurred because of your use of the subscribed vehicle. If we receive it, we would pay it on your behalf and charge it back to you plus and eventual administrative fee. Please check on the terms and conditions.

Once you've been accepted in the service and signed your contract, we will start preparing your car.

We will call you back within 2 weeks of your enrollment to schedule a either a free delivery within 30 miles of downtown LA or a pickup at our playa vista location.

We will get in touch with you if you decide to end your subscription and synchronize for a drop-off date and time.

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