The 10 Worst Everyday Travel Situations… And How To Avoid Them

Public transport is fantastic. It gets millions of people where they need to go every day, it’s affordable AND it’s good for the environment. But there are a few situations in life when life just feels too short to wait for public transport – like when you’re dying to get out a sticky situation, have too much to carry, or are just plain freezing cold from waiting at a bus stop. Having carsharing at your fingertips can be a real life-saver, or at least a huge increase in your quality of life in your city. To check out the ultimate top 10 things life is simply too short scroll on down!

Top 10 things life’s too short for:


1- Being on the same carriage on the train as your ex… and his new girlfriend.

#lifestooshort for bad trips

2- Freezing your butt off at a bus stop when the bus was just canceled.


3- Checking the time 15 times for the train to come.

4- Your commuter train feeling like a Sauna.

#lifestooshort for bad trips

5- Falling asleep on the train home… and waking up at the final stop.


6- Being stuck in the middle of nowhere on the first date from hell.

#lifestooshort for bad trips

7- Carrying your 20kg fleamarket find home on the train.

#lifestooshort for bad trips

8- The Monday morning 6am Berghain graveyard commuter train.

lifestoorshort for bad trips

9- Going from A to C to D to B instead of A to B.

#lifestooshort for bad trips

10- Waiting for the train… when you REALLY want to be somewhere else.

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