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Car rental

France is a large country located in the middle of Europe. It is surrounded by Spain to the west and is bordered by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg to the east. France is one of the oldest countries in Europe and therefore has all kinds of considerable touristic, cultural, historical, and political treasures. Being a very vast country, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your destination, as you can find what you want there, such as mountains or beaches, big cultural cities or metropolises. To help make your holiday as wonderful as possible, Free2Move compares rental vehicles for you at very competitive prices, but also easy to access, as you can notify us at the time of booking the location that suits you to take it. Whether you want to cross France or just looking for a getaway, with your family or your lover, with colleagues or friends, Free2Move offers you the comfort of your trip thanks to its rental cars. From Paris to Caen, Lille, Marseille or also St-Tropez, it will be the ride of your life, because these beautiful destinations are offered to you through Free2Move.

The reason for choosing a rental car

First of all, you have to get used to the idea that a holiday full of freedom should be done by car, because this way you can be at your ease during the whole trip, as you are in control of your travels. Also public transport is not very suitable for the whole of France either, as there are some places that are particularly difficult to reach by car. Moreover, with your rental car you will be able to go exactly where you want. With the beauty of French cities and their charms, be sure that you will want to stop every time to visit and explore a little. Choosing a rental car is also a good option, because with the trips you plan to make, your car may take many kilometers that you can save. Also, your private car may not be suitable for the circumstances of your trip, such as when there are many of you or when you have quite a lot of luggage. Be sure that on our website you will find the right car for your trip and especially adapted to your budget.

Explore France with your rental car

The recommended area to go for a trip will mainly depend on the season and the length of time you plan to go. During the summer, the ideal itinerary is to start from the north and gradually descend towards the south. Indeed you take the PACA region to make the most of the Provencal markets. The west of France is also a great destination if you like the ocean and the beach. There are many coastal towns in the western part of France including Hossegor and down to the beautiful beaches of Quiberon. If you are planning to go in the winter, however, it goes without saying that you love the snow and therefore the Pyrenees are for you. You will be able to ski and still enjoy the snow. It will transport you more towards a Christmas atmosphere when you are in the Alps. However, you can go to Marseille for more warmth and visit this city of diversity.

A short tour to get to know a little bit of France

You can also treat yourself to a short tour of your choice to quickly visit the wonders that the French territory has to offer. In fact, you can then visit the captivating tourist and historical sites such as the castles dating back to the kings of France and the French nobility. With your rental car you have the opportunity to explore the castles of the Loire Valley and taste the wines of the region. Take the opportunity to drive a little further south to La Rochelle where you can experience the charm of this peaceful town with its golden beach.

Criteria for choosing a rental car

Several points of vigilance are to be checked to make the right choice of rental vehicle. Here it is a question of practicality, comfort, but also safety. Many people rent a car for the first time in their lives to enjoy their holidays. Travel agency comparisons do not give enough details about the vehicles on offer, however, it is as essential as the choice of the agency itself.
The choice of the vehicle depends on several criteria:

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