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Reimagining corporate mobility: gain additional savings with usage-based models
6 September 2023

As we step into a future powered by innovation, gearing up your business fleet for efficiency and cost-effectiveness has never been more crucial. The world of mobility is changing, making a pivot from conventional ownership models to flexible, sustainable alternatives…

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Transforming corporate mobility: unlocking efficiency and savings through car subscriptions
24 July 2023

Services like Netflix or Spotify have undeniably impacted the way people consume and pay for services. The subscription model has brought us much more flexibility than it was ever possible before and become a great part of our spending habits. Since owning or leasing a car may not be an efficient solution for some companies, the so-called "Netflix" model currently opens up new possibilities for both private and business needs.…

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Free2Move offers a £60 promotion code to all new customers who download the application!
4 June 2021

Free2Move offers a £60 promotion code to all new customers who download the application!…

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Free2Move crosses the milestone of 500,000 connected cars and confirms its ambition to make corporate fleet management more digital, cleaner and safer
29 January 2021

Connect Fleet, Free2Move's online connected fleet management platform continues to appeal to business customers.…

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5 tips for reducing your fleet costs
23 October 2020

Operating a safe and well-maintained fleet while controlling costs is a huge challenge. Here are five elements of strategies that effectively and significantly help to reduce fleet costs…

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Eco-driving in business: give your employees the keys and optimize your fleet operating costs
7 July 2020

Businesses have a growing interest in eco-citizen approaches. This involvement helps to limit their impact on the environment and encourages each employee to be a part of the sustainable development. Following the example of carsharing, eco-driving is a way to reduce significantly the costs of employee mobility.…

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First autonomous shuttle Project
10 June 2020

Free2Move joins NC State University and NC Department of Transportation and EasyMile to launch its first autonomous shuttle Project…

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Electrifying your business fleet
3 June 2020

Controlling the carbon impact of corporate vehicle fleets is more relevant than ever with the evolution of anti-pollution standards on a European scale.…

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Free2Move Carsharing expands into Arlington VA
25 July 2019

Service provides customers access to Free2Move’s fleet of 600 vehicles currently serving all eight wards of Washington D C Expanded service includes Rosslyn Crystal City Pentagon City and areas bordering Reagan National Airport Free2Move’s expanded service will provide Arlington customers in…

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11 things you didn’t know about carsharing (#7 might surprise you)
14 June 2019

Carsharing can seem a little daunting if you haven’t tried it right What’s allowed and what’s not how far can you go and what is covered in the price Here are 10 facts about drive on demand vehicles that might surprise you 1 You don’t…

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Discover the Best of Berlin in 3 Days
1 March 2019

Berlin is a beautiful city with a very rich culture and A LOT to do and see So you may feel like you don’t have enough time for everything that Berlin is famous for when staying for a long weekend So here are a few…

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Airport Transfer: Get to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) with Carsharing
1 March 2019

There’s a quick way to arrive or leave Berlin Airport BER without having to pay the ridiculous taxi fees. The next time you travel to or from Berlin's airport you should consider booking a SHARE NOW, Sixt Share or MILES car and saving yourself the hassle of public transport or expensive taxi rides.…

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