5 Healthy Restaurants in Berlin to Get You Through Winter

New Year’s resolutions seem like a great idea right after Christmas, but a few weeks in they can start to drag. Especially when adopting healthy habits that will feel great in the long run but are a bit hard to get used to, like starting a cycle commute to get to work or changing the way we eat, it’s easy to fall into old unhealthy routines as soon as you hit the first hurdle. And by mid-January you’ve definitely come across one or two.

If you’re anything like us, by now you’re sick of overnight oats, chia puddings have lost their sparkle, and if you grill one more chicken breast you might hurl it at someone. But before you throw in the towel on your new healthy habits altogether, why not try out someone else’s clean cooking to get some new inspiration? After all, you’ve made it this far, so why not boost your spirits with a feel-good treat to freshen up your Winter cure. Here are 5 healthy restaurants to try in Berlin!

5 Healthy Restaurants to liven up your Winter diet


healthy restaurants berlin - Hermanns

Hermann’s is a sustainability-focussed restaurant that champions exciting and often forgotten ingredients, bringing you exciting flavour combinations that even your biggest foodie friends might not have come across. Many of the dishes are either vegetarian or vegan, so there’s something for everyone here. Based on Mitte’s Rosenthaler Platz we’d recommend getting a small car here as parking can be tricky. Or if you’re being an extra-good January bunny, why not cycle there?

Mana Food

healthy restaurants berlin - MANA food

If you’re after a fresh, vegan restaurant with delicious food and a cool setting, look no further! Mana Food is run by passionate foodies Magdalena and Tina, and brings together food that’s great for you bursting with fresh flavours. Based on Schöneberg this hot spot may be a little way away for you, so treat yourself to a car ride there. You’ll easily find some parking, and you can easily get there with MILES or Car2go. Believe us, it’s worth it!


Paleo, bowls and avocados as far as the eye can see tickle your fancy? Avocai is the perfect place for you to try. Their sweet potato and avocado pancakes look to die for, and with plenty of delicious salads, acai bowls and smoothies this restaurant is sure to fill you with foodie inspiration. It’s located in Brunnenstrasse in Berlin Mitte, which is well connected to the public transport (U8) and has good parking opportunities nearby if you want to toast your buns with seat heating on the way there.


healthy restaurants berlin - Kopps

If you’re looking for something a little more high end without compromising on clean eating, Kopps is the perfect place for you. They also offer brunch on weekends and cooking classes if you want to broaden your own cooking horizon, as well as 6-course set menus. Healthy eating is easy when it’s this glamorous!


And last but not least… nothing quite beats traditional Asian cuisine, especially if it’s prepared with love and organic ingredients. Umami has two restaurants in Berlin, in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, making this restaurant a perfect option if you’re in need of a quick fix of healthy comfort food. With an extensive vegetarian menu you’ll find something here for every January cure. Enjoy!

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