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Free2Move adds 50 new Citroën Ami to its Madrid carsharing fleet
May 17, 2021

Free2Move introduces a new 100% mobility solution to its fleet of more than 600 vehicles including Peugeot e-208, Citroën C-Zero and Citroën e-Berlingo, betting on the smallest carsharing model available in Madrid. ● The quadricycle will have a special service area, covering the center of Madrid city.…

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Free2Move announces Spain roll-out of Car On Demand, its flexible and all-inclusive car subscription service
May 6, 2021

In its commitment to address customer needs, Free2Move is launching its flexible medium-term car rental solution without commitment in Spain. Starting in Madrid, Free2Move plans to open its multi brand service in the rest of the country in 2021. This monthly subscription service gives access to new and used vehicles, including maintenance, insurance and delivery.…

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Free2Move announces U.S roll-out of its flexible and all-inclusive car subscription service
April 29, 2021

Car On Demand service will provide customers ultra-flexible access to a wide-range of vehicles on a monthly basis…

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Free2Move launches its short-term Vehicle Rental Service in the UK using a wide network of agencies
April 27, 2021

Free2Move is extending its offering in the United Kingdom with Free2Move RENT, a new short-term vehicle rental service…

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Free2Move launches its medium-term car rental offer in Portugal by subscription, with and without commitment
March 15, 2021

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Free2Move Carsharing expands to Portland Oregon
March 9, 2021

Free2Move today announced plans to provide its car sharing services to the greater Portland Oregon area beginning late spring/early summer with a fleet of 200 Jeep Renegades. The Portland announcement is the first of its kind for Free2Move since the establishment of its new parent Stellantis and reflects a growth pattern based on a 40 percent increase in overall car sharing activity during the second half of 2020.…

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Free2Move deploys MOBILITY CARD, a Mobility account and its universal payment card to simplify the implementation of mobility packages for companies
March 1, 2021

Available beginning March 1st 2021, MOBILITY CARD is Free2Move's new mobility offer dedicated to businesses.…

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