Free2move acquires Opel Rent March 24th 2022


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Free2move acquires Opel Rent

This acquisition accelerates the Free2move growth strategy in Germany and Austria

and pushes the transition from rent to mobility provider 

Free2move, driven to create innovative mobility solutions that simplify vehicle access, has just announced the acquisition of Opel Rent, previously owned by Techno Einkauf GmbH and Verband deutscher Opelhändler (VDOH) Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH. This move accelerates the Free2move growth while expanding the fleet and the range of services offered in Germany and Austria.

Adding Opel Rent to its network is a way for Free2move to expand service access and offer smart mobility solutions to its customers in more than 1000 agencies across Germany and Austria. Free2move is internationally recognized for bringing complete Mobility Hubs across Europe and the U.S.A., with fleets of vehicles available by the minute, by the week, or by the month. Free2move vehicles are seamlessly accessed through the Free2move app and with each individual customer account – no additional paperwork is required. The ease of use and flexible vehicle access options have made Free2move Mobility Hubs strategic solutions for urban cities all over the world. 

Opel Rent has a solid network established in Germany and is known for its diverse fleets which include electric vehicles. Transforming from a rental service to a mobility group is at the heart of its current strategy. Opel Rent team is looking forward to transitioning to a complete vehicle access service provider under the umbrella of Free2move, in line with the “move with your time” brand signature.

“We are looking forward to serving the customers in these markets, with flexible vehicle options that cater to its individual needs. Opel Rent’s team with its expertise and skills will help us achieve both of those objectives” Alexander Momm Head of Germany & Austria operations.

Acquiring Opel Rent is an important move for Free2move to a greater presence in Germany and Austria, as well as an increase in electric vehicles as part of our fleets, supporting the contribution of Free2move in Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.


About Free2move  

Free2move is the only global mobility brand offering a complete and unique ecosystem for its private and professional customers around the world. Relying on data and technology, Free2move puts the customer experience at the heart of the business to reinvent mobility. Free2move offers a range of services to satisfy the multiple travel needs of its customers from one minute to several days or months with car-sharing service, short, medium or long-term rental as well as the reservation of VTC drivers, parking spaces and charging stations via the app. 

Free2move Mobility in figures worldwide: 2 million customers, 450,000 rental vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces, 250,000 charging points in Europe


About Opel Rent 

Opel Händler Vermiet GmbH (Opel Rent) has been operating a licensing system for the rental of Opel vehicles by Opel car dealerships on behalf of Opel Automobile GmbH since 1994. The tasks of Opel Händler Vermiet GmbH are to advise and train the licensed car dealerships in the areas of car rental in the dealership and to provide them with technical systems and business materials. For end customers, Opel Händler Vermiet GmbH operates the homepage, where license partners can present their rental offerings. Here, customers have the opportunity to submit their rental inquiries and book vehicles online. Across Germany and Austria, there are approximately 1,000 dealer locations with Opel Rent licenses, representing a broad network of local car rental.


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