Free2move reveals its new signature: “Move with your time” November 8, 2021

Free2move reveals its new signature :  
'' Move with your time ''



Launched in 2016, the Free2move brand deploys today its new brand signature. The new identity of Free2move reflects its brand’s DNA, which is to “simply mobility for all its customers”. This brand’s evolution is a new step after five years of continuing growth. 


Positive and optimistic, the new Free2move signature reaffirms its brand’s values and commitment to embody a brand focused on its customers mobility needs:

  • Fresh: embody the well-being
  • Dynamic: permanently evolving and one-step ahead

This new take on brand identity embraces the concept of the Mobility Hub, highlighted by the circles in the Free2move logo. At the same time, giving a new dynamic to the brand, it clarifies the three customer universes by taking into account the changing mobility needs: the green is used to symbolize the growing importance of sustainable mobility and the transition to electric cars. It comes to enrich the already existing gradient representing both professional and private customers.

“I am delighted to reveal this new identity and positioning for our brand. It reflects both who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow. Positive and optimistic, Free2move aims to embody a brand resolutely focused on the mobility of its customers. It is reaffirming its position as the leader in the digital transformation of the mobility sector, creating sustainable value for all,” describes Philippe Brun, Director Global Marketing and of Communication, Free2move.

Finally, this new identity further reinforces the “Tech-Focused” and “User Centric” values embraced by Free2move and keeps its promise to simplify mobility for its customers.

Free2move is constantly reinventing itself and developing to meet the needs of its private and professional customers, in Europe and the United States: Move with your time.


About Free2move: 

 Free2move is the only global mobility brand offering a complete and unique ecosystem for its private and professional customers around the world. Relying on data and technology, Free2move puts the customer experience at the heart of the business to reinvent mobility. Free2move offers a range of services to satisfy the multiple travel needs of its customers from one minute to several days or months with car-sharing service, short, medium or long-term rental as well as the reservation of VTC drivers, parking spaces and charging stations via the app.

 Free2move Mobility in figure worldwide: 2 million customers, 450,000 rental vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces, 250,000 charging points (in Europe).

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