Carsharing in Paris

Free2move and SHARE NOW join forces to simplify your trips in Paris. Download now our new app!

New in Paris: recharge your Carsharing vehicle and keep it for up to 30 days!

How does it work?

Step 1
I download the Free2move app on my smartphone, then I register by uploading my ID and driver's license.
Step 2
I reserve the vehicle I need from those are available around me. I have 15 mins to retrieve and open it with the App.
Step 3
I park in the street on a paid parking: it's free with Free2move! To run errands and keep the car, I use the “pause” mode on the application.
Step 4
To finish my rental, nothing could be simpler: I lock the car and end my trip with the app.

With self-service, travel peacefully!

Smartphone into an hand

100% mobile

Our teams maintain the fleet regularly to guarantee you a quality service.

Clean cars

Localization, resertaxion, opening of the cars, payment... You control everything with a single application.
Electric plug

Charged cars

We recharge the cars on a daily basis to ensure optimal autonomy.

How to charge a carsharing vehicle in Paris ?

Look for an available Belib' terminal

Look for an available Belib' terminal

Check for a green light on top of the pole.

An important reminder: Belib' charging stations are NOT the same as Autolib' parking !

Take the Belib' charging card!

Take the Belib' charging card!

Located in the glove box compartment or the center armrest.

Find the charging cable and connect it to the car

Find the charging cable and connect it to the car

Located in the trunk, the cable can vary depending on the car model. It's thick with a large plug on either end. Plug it into the car.

Activate the charging station

Activate the charging station

By swiping the card on the station's card reader, the charging pole opens.

Note: old generation Belib' charging stations must be activated from a central station located a few meters from the charging stations. Enter the number of your charging station, and select the type of cable T2

Free2Move app with a Fiat 500e going to be booked
Locate and access
more than 700 self-service electric cars around you
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Our vehicles

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

What's the service zone of Free2move Paris?

New in Paris: recharge your Carsharing vehicle and keep it for up to 30 days!

It's very easy to use !

Everything happens with the Free2move app, cars are available on the street.

You locate the nearby car to you, you book it, open it and your journey begin.

You may leave the service area, but you must return to it to finish your rent.

You can take advantage of the Autolib spaces indicated in the application and park in all paying spaces.

With Free2move they are free for you!

Our pricing in Paris

Free2move offers you pricing adapted to your needs, with no minimum rental period


1st or occasional use? Discover our offer without subscription

Subscription -
Rates per minute (from) 0,26€ / minute
Rates for the first hour (starting from) 6,84€ + 0,19€ / km
Pack 2 hours (starting from) 49,99€ + 0,19 € / km
- -

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