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Micro-entrepreneur conducting their business

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Micro-entrepreneur conducting their business

Who is the micro-business founder?

The micro-business founder stands at the heart of innovation and economic independence. Often working solo, this dynamic professional uses their vehicle as an essential tool daily to visit clients, deliver products, or provide on-site services. Thus, flexibility and mobility are crucial in supporting their activity and growth.
Micro-entrepreneur conducting their business

The challenges of micro-business founder

The micro-business founders face unique challenges, such as efficiently managing their time and resources or quickly adapting their activity to new opportunities. Unexpected costs, like those associated with vehicle maintenance, can also impact their limited budget, jeopardizing their ability to remain competitive and responsive.
Micro-entrepreneur next to their business vehicle on subscription

Our solution for micro-business

Our car subscription service for professionals offers the ideal solution for micro-business founders. Thanks to our subscription flexibility, ranging from 3 to 18 months, and the ability to adjust the fleet as needed, micro-business founders can enjoy a mobility solution that evolves with their business. Without long-term commitments or hidden costs, our service allows for better expense control and supports the agility necessary for the growth of your micro-business.
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A subscription service is a monthly formula that allows you to have a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles without commitment. Unlike traditional rentals, like leasing, with commitments of 24 to 36 months and a significant initial down payment, a subscription offers increased flexibility.

Yes, all the regular costs of a vehicle are included in your monthly subscription: registration, maintenance (even tires, except in case of damage). Only insurance is optional.

All types of companies are accepted, except for companies whose activity is the transport of people (VTC) or goods and car rentals. To subscribe to our service, you must meet the following conditions: Your company must have been in existence for at least 1 year...

In the case of a non-binding contract (1 month): You have a 30-day notice period before the anniversary date to cancel your contract without fees. In the case of a binding contract (3 months and more): Early termination fees apply.

You can add one additional driver per vehicle for free. Just like the main driver, the latter must have held a driving license for at least 3 years. Beyond one additional driver, you can add additional drivers as an option.

Once your registration is confirmed and your contract is signed, we proceed with the preparation of your vehicle or vehicles. An advisor will then contact you to jointly define the date, time, and place of delivery of your choice.

For your monthly payments, payment is made by transfer or SEPA direct debit. For membership fees, payment is made by credit card.