Free2Move Connect Fleet Connected fleet management

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Online car fleet management platform

Thanks to your connected vehicles' embedded electronics, data from your entire fleet will be transmitted in real time on this platform for optimised tracking.

Quick profitability

The return on investment is generally less than 10 months, thanks to the reduction of your fuel consumption.


Our solution is compatible with all brands and types of cars. You benefit from the synchronisation of data for your entire fleet on the online platform.

Data protection

Protect your employees' personal data through the "privacy" mode available with our geolocation product, and reduce the risk of accidents by tracking driving behaviour and through personalised tips.

12-month commitment

Free trial upon request

  • Tracking of hours and miles travelled
  • Accurately fuel consumption monitoring
  • Mechanical alerts reception in real time
  • Automated tracking of maintenance and servicing alerts
  • Analysis of each driver's driving behavior (accelerations, braking, sudden turns, etc.)
  • Personalized eco-driving tips for the driver
  • Geolocation of all fleet vehicles in real time
  • Timestamped tracking of routes taken and analysis of downtime
  • Reduction of non-essential uses with a set of alerts which are configurable by areas of entry / exit

Our Fleet Management Service in 4 Key Steps

Analysing your fleet

We test your vehicles' eligibility and study together your fleet management needs in choosing the package that best suits you.

Equipment and network connection

Our team of experts connects your vehicles and, if necessary, installs equipment enabling you to leverage the service.

Implementation and training

We check with you that your vehicles' data is syncing, and we configure the platform to meet your specific needs.

Access to the solution

You can leverage the fleet management service with ease. We remain at your disposal to adjust the chosen package, the kind of information provided and availability of dashboards.

What are embedded telematics?

We install a GPS unit in your vehicle

We offer PSA group warrantied Connect Boxes which are already standard equipment from factory on many models ‚ including all PSA LCVs. GPS data is received and sent in real time from the Connect Box SIM card to an SAS platform which processes this data and then translates it into dashboards for ease of use.

Integrated telematics systems offer many benefits for accurately tracking the activity of your fleet.

There is good chance that your fleet is already connected-ready!

If you buy PSA vehicles with Connect Fleet, your vehicles are delivered already connected, with no down-time for installation. Our experts can then assist with your use of the platform to implement the solution in your company.

Depending on the brand and model, some vehicles in your fleet may require additional equipment to be actitaxed, and our experts will set this up for you.

They trust us

8 000

8 000 customers from micro-enterprises to large groups

300 000

300 000 connected vehicles


86% of clients recommend our solutions


5% saving on the total cost of ownership reported by our customers

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