Fleet Sharing offered on 1 vehicle for a 3 month trial without any obligations

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Turnkey solution

Fleet Sharing allows you to make your fleet profitable by making it available to your employees. This reduces the costs associated with traveling and operating your vehicles. This solution provides your employees with flexibility of use thanks to easy booking via an online platform and access to the vehicle via badge, smartphone or connected key cabinet.

Reduce your vehicle ownership costs and take advantage of an efficient alternative to mileage allowances.
Stay connected to your fleet with real-time tracking of your vehicles' usage. Your employees are independent through online booking and 24/7 access to vehicles (via badge or smartphone).
Contribute to your company's CSR strategy by reducing your CO2 emissions and optimising the use of your service vehicles.

An online booking platform available 24/7

  • Access to vehicles via badge or smartphone for all your employees
  • Multi-brand and compatible with your entire fleet
  • Personalised support for implementation of the solution
  • Possibility to add the Key Sharing connected key cabinet option for easy key management.

And if you went even further with pritaxe rentals for your employees?

By opening vehicle rentals facilities to your employees, you enable them to take personal trips using the vehicles provided by your company at a lower cost for their weekend activities, travels or moves.

It allows you to monetise your fleet's vehicles while they're not being used in the evenings and on weekends and thus earn additional savings.

How does it work for your co-workers?



The employee registers on the online booking platform or on the Fleet Sharing app.



The employee selects the vehicle, dates and duration of use



The employee accesses the vehicle using his company badge or smartphone

You take care of your employees and we take care of your vehicles

Jockey Service

As part of your car-sharing offer, you can take advantage of an optional Jockey service to bring back the vehicles that your employees use for one-way trips or leave at the airport. For example, there is no longer any need to pay excessively high parking amounts for parking in pritaxe car parks. You can thus maximize the use of your vehicles which do not remain immobilized.


Fleet Sharing is also complemented by an optional car wash service to ensure the cleanliness of the shared vehicles in your company. You maintain your fleet, your brand image, and guarantee the comfort of your employees.

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