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Car Rental Newcastle 

Are you planning to go on a vacation this summer to Newcastle which is a city famous for its cultural heritage and history? Or do you have to go to this city because of some other business? So this is the chance to avail yourself and enjoy your summer holidays. 

It does not matter for what reason you are visiting this iconic reason, you are in need of renting a car so that you can travel all across the historical places. Car Rental Newcastle has been working in the city for a long time and is known for providing quality services to its customers. You can rent a car in this city through this rental company. 

This city is known for its cultural heritage, distinctive culture, iconic nightlife, and Geordie dialect. This city is famous among tourists for its popular cuisines. Car rental in Newcastle provides its services to the people so that they can travel from one place to another without any hurry and disturbance. Our service is fast so that you can avail yourself of the service irrespective of your location because our outlets are present at different locations throughout the city that can be found easily. 

If you are arriving in the city by road or by other means, you do not have to be worried about the conveyance because we are located to your nearest location that can be traced easily. Apart from that, you can also get in touch with us by using our app or the Web page. However, if you are interested in getting a detailed response and want to get in touch personally, you can reach our nearest outlet where our trained employees can guide you and better solve your all queries related to rent a car and the other procedure related to that. 

For the other case, if you are arriving in the city by air, you can avail or rent a car from the nearest location which can solve many of the problems related to traveling, booking, and reservation of car.

The process of renting a car 

This is the area of consideration. Because in this area one has to think about where to start and how? However, we truly believe in providing the best service to our customers and for that reason, we have tried to bring some innovation to our traditional mode of renting cars. The main motive behind this update is to bring innovation to the process, and second to make things easy not only for customers but our employees as well. The new process focuses on the location of our renting service station at various traffic signals so that you can quickly reach us if you are traveling by road or air. The primary objective of making this arrangement is to keep the distance as small as possible. 

Apart from that, we also provide shipping services within the city, which customers can arrange according to their preferences and needs. You don't have to do much to take advantage of this service; all you have to do is contact the leasing store, and you are all set to avail of this service. 

The Necessary Guidelines for the Safety of People 

To keep our promise of providing quality service to our customers, we make sure that cars are in up-to-date condition so that there is no difficulty for customers on the way. We take all the precautionary measures for the safety and health of people. The safety and health of people are our supreme priority and we do not compromise on that despite other several things. We follow all the guidelines of cleaning that include sweeping, hoovering, and sanitizing as per the charter of World Health Guidelines that was issued in the wake of Covid-19 that is still here. That is why we are taking extra measurements for the safety of people. 

The Process of Booking or Cancelling your Reservation 

For the ease of our employees and customers, we have tried to bring some innovation in this area through technology as the world is becoming dynamic day by day because of technological advancements. We have tried to make the whole process online via web and application so that you do not have to go through the hassle of going by yourself to the nearest outlet for booking or canceling. You may reserve and even postpone your seats by just clicking a button on your smartphone. You can either go to our website to make changes, reserve or cancel your reservation. The second option is just to download our application and avail of all the features with discounted prices and have safe and happy travel.

Car Rental Tips in Newcastle

  • In Newcastle, rush hours are unpredictable because it is one of the top industrial cities in England. You can find traffic on roads even at 11 in the morning or 7 in the evening. 

  • The main hours of traffic in Newcastle are from 6 am to 9:30 am and from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 

  • The best strategy to avoid the traffic is to leave the house before 6 am and if you are planning to go outside the city, you should be on the highway before 7 am to avoid unwanted delays. 

  • In Newcastle, the least hours of traffic are from 9 am to 3 pm. So, try to travel between these hours if not early in the morning. 

  • You get a lower than average rate, only if you reserve the car rental in Newcastle two weeks before the actual trip. 

  • The car rental rates are 2% higher near the airport as compared to any other location. 

  • Car Rental Newcastle is 25% less expensive than any other car type.

Some Things to keep in consideration before renting a car

  • Before renting a car, do some research on the type of vehicle you desire and the associated costs.

  • Always read the rates and prices and make sure you understand the rental expenses, including the tax, to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

  • Always inspect the state of the automobile before reserving to ensure there are no scratches or other defects.

  • Always remember to return on time, otherwise, it will cost you far more than you can think.

  • You can pick up your rented car from any rental location or near the airport. 

  • Do not forget to compare the deals on renting cars to find the suitable one among all. 

  • Some of the cars that are being provided by Rental companies include Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo, and Avis, however, Newcastle also offers other brands of cars as well. 

  • Try to reserve early to get a discount and to avail best deals. 

  • You can join a reward loyalty program with a car rental company so that you can earn points that you can use to gain perks. Joining the car rental company is free of cost. 

  • The worst thing is to look for a rental car near the airport. 

  • Try to take a taxi or car from the airport because the charges are usually from the pickup location not at the drop-off location. 

  • When you are traveling to Newcastle, make sure to check with the airline reward program because the airline offers a discount for rental car services. 

Some tips to Navigate traffic in Newcastle

  • Rush hour in Newcastle often occurs between 3:30 to 6:30 pm. Therefore, you can avoid getting caught in traffic if you can avoid using the roads or major thoroughfares during these hours. Avoid going out on Fridays between 4 to 6 o'clock.

  • Conduct research before driving and seek alternate routes so you may use them if there is high traffic or unforeseen activity, such as construction.

  • Always utilize a traffic navigation app to help you navigate through congested areas.

The Best Car Renting Service

 People in Newcastle do not want to leave the city without exploring its iconic history. You can easily tour the city on your own with a car by your side because with this, you would not have to worry about trying to find cabs or other forms of transportation. For consumers to travel safely, Car Rental Newcastle offers high-quality vehicles that can satisfy the expectations of customers. You can pick up a rental automobile at the closest location at Free 2 move. We also provide our consumers with special deals and discounts.


What is the average cost of renting a car in Newcastle?

The average cost to rent a car in Newcastle is $ 299 per day. 

What is the cheapest cost of renting a car in Newcastle?

The cheapest rental car cost in Newcastle is Citroen C3 $ 48 per day.

What is the most popular renting car type in Newcastle?

The compact is the most popular rental car type in Newcastle. 


The updated and modified procedure has made it much easy for customers to reach Car Rental Newcastle. With a rented car, you can travel all across the city and can have memorable holidays.