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Best Car Rental in Kingston

If you are planning to visit Kingston, you are definitely in for a treat. After all, Kingston offers an amazing blend of architecture, beauty, and nightlife. 

Kingston is overshadowed by Ottawa and Toronto. However, this waterfront city cannot be ignored. Located on the Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence River, it boasts Rideau Canal. With incredible outdoor experiences and a music scene, there is no doubt that Kingston is one of the most exciting destinations in Ontario.

Still, exploring Kingston can be daunting and time-consuming. What to do in such a situation? Just take our assistance.

We provide you with the best car rental Kingston services. Now, having an incredible experience in Kingston is not impossible.


Kingston is a renowned city in Ontario. It is midway between Montreal and Toronto. In addition to it, it is located near the Thousand Islands. Kingston is often referred to as the Limestone City due to the many heritage buildings that are developed and constructed with the use of local limestone. It is quite famous for its historical properties. It boasts not only Provincially Significant sites but also National Historic Sites and World Heritage Sites. 

In Kingston, there are around 21 National Historic Sites and you can just visit them using our car hire Kingston services.

Major Places

There are numerous significant and attractive places that you can visit in Kingston. For instance, if you are a person who fancies history, one of the best places to visit is Fort Henry. Actually, it was constructed in the early nineteenth century for protecting the naval shipyard. Meanwhile, in the twenty-first century, it was regarded as a National Historic Site. You can even visit the oldest maximum-security prison in Kingston, recognized as the Kingston Penitentiary. 

Meanwhile, if you are a person who loves architecture, you can different consider going to Bellevue House. It offers a combination of both architecture and history. In addition, from Agnes Etherington Art Centre to Martello Towers, you can visit any place you want. If you want, you can even consider visiting a festival. 

Therefore, from airports to a festival, you can reach any place and destination you want using our car. You can just rent a car and visit any place in Kingston. There is no need to worry about not reaching your destination because we provide you with a reliable mode of transportation.

You can just select the type of car you prefer and book it. 

Our Service

If you are planning for shopping, sightseeing, a wedding party, or just need transportation, you can rely on us. After all, we provide you with the best car rental Kingston services. 

Actually, we provide you with affordable yet luxurious cars. We understand your needs and that is why we deliver the solutions that you really need. In fact, with us, you will have a dedicated and sincere approach to your problems. 

We have the objective of satisfying you and that is why we deliver reliable rental car services in Kingston. 

There are times when we need to travel around the city or just attend an event. However, we do not have a compatible car. It can be quite hectic to know what to do. We make sure that you are able to manage these situations effectively. With us, you are able to travel in a luxurious manner while keeping it all affordable. We offer extensive car rental services in Kingston and we deliver exclusive traveling solutions with the style and quality you need.

Our cheap car rental Kingston services are available readily for different areas including urbane centers, neighboring areas and towns, shopping spots, recreational areas, railway stations, and airport terminals. 

Moreover, there are a number of options available that can match your requirements. For example, you might pick a fancy car, a deluxe car, or select an efficient and affordable look. 

It is all up to you. 

If there is anything that you are unable to understand or just need assistance with, you can contact our staff for help. They will help you come to a decision that suits your needs and satisfies you. 

Our Process

Renting a car is usually a time-consuming process and you have to follow several steps before you can actually get the car you need. Well, it is not a problem anymore. 

You do not have to waste any time with us. We have simplified the process of renting a car and it is because we care for you and your time. We understand that you want to save your time. That is why simplify the whole process of renting a car in Kingston. 

You only need to share your requirements, fill out a form, and pay. That is it. In just these three steps, you can get the car that you desire. It is just as simple as that. 

You can either use our website or our application to offer your details and rent a car. You have these options and you can just choose the one that you prefer according to your requirements. Both of these options are rather simple and take only a little time. In just a little time, you can rent a car and then visit any place you prefer in Kingston. 

Whether you use our website or our application, you will notice that it is quite simple. No matter which device you are using, you can just use the option that you prefer. You can either rely on our interactive website or our application. 

We offer delivery at the locations you prefer. You can just contact your nearest rental car location throughout Kingston. During the pandemic, we have also been following the necessary guidelines. For instance, whether you require delivery or want to pick your vehicle up, we maintain proper distance.

Cleaning of Rental Cars

Actually, at all of our branches, each rental vehicle is cleaned thoroughly between every rental. In addition, every vehicle is cleaned using our comprehensive set of guidelines. For instance, it involves vacuuming, washing, general wipe-down, and even the sanitization of vehicles using a disinfectant. It meets the necessary authority requirements and there is a general emphasis on high-touch points. 

Regardless of the branch, we make sure to follow the same quality and cleaning standards. It helps in ensuring that all vehicles and cars are cleaned thoroughly and the desired state of cleanliness is achieved. 


You can make a reservation with us whenever you want. In fact, you can take our car rental Kingston services according to your needs and requirements. 

In addition to it, you can cancel or modify your reservation through our mobile application or our website. You will be pleased to know that we have extended our non-cancellation policy to specifically include customers who have pre-paid rentals. 

You can just contact us to extend your reservation and that is it. There is nothing else that you need to consider and do. In just a minute or so, you can have your reservation extended as per your needs and requirements. It will not take long to have your reservation canceled, modified, or extended. 

You only need to contact us and share your needs with us.


Some of our features include:

  • Exceptional Quality: One of the key features of our car rental Kingston services is the exceptional quality of our cars. Regardless of the package that you select, you will experience a quality that you have never experienced before. 

  • Professional Staff: Our staff is professional and courteous. Other than being experienced and skilled, they ensure to treat everyone with respect and integrity. They will fulfill your needs and make sure that you are satisfied with the services that you get.

  • 24/7 Support: Whenever you want to take our free2move car rental services, you can reach out to us because our customer support is available all day to help you out. Whether you have a query or you need to book a service, you can let us know and we will lend you a helping hand.

  • Built-in Trackers: All of our cars are equipped with trackers. It means that you can track them easily without experiencing any issues. 

Why Choose Us?

Actually, there are several reasons why you should consider our car rental in Kingston. First, we provide you with the quality that you desire. Second, our services are reliable and you get the expected results. Third, we deliver affordable services.

Our priority is to achieve your satisfaction and we take every step toward it. 

Overall, Kingston is a city renowned for its historic sites, architecture, and nightlight. Whether you are planning to visit Fort Henry or even tour the Pumphouse Museum, you can always rely on us. After all, we provide you with some of the best car rental services in Kingston. It is not difficult to travel from the Kingston Penitentiary to cruise the Thousand Islands anymore. You can just book a car with us and we will be sure to exceed your expectations and deliver the quality that can satisfy you.