Carjump Becomes Free2Move

The story must go on: GHM Mobile Development GmbH sells its majority share to the PSA Group – Carjump will now be known as Free2Move

Berlin, 2 February 2017 – GHM Mobile Development GmbH, developer of the car sharing app Carjump, sold its majority share to PSA Group in December 2016. The Carjump app has been renamed and will be known as Free2Move with immediate effect. The Free2Move platform is an essential pillar of PSA Group’s global “new mobility” strategy. Free2Move is available in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Other countries, such as Spain, France, and the Netherlands are planned.

Carjump rebrand to Free2Move

The introduction of Free2Move is another significant step in the PSA Group’s international expansion and product development. The Group’s “Push to Pass” strategic plan envisages an increased focus on mobility services. The company is aiming to become the leading provider of mobility solutions and services. To this end, PSA Group has invested in a growing number of car sharing operators since mid-2016, including GHM Mobile Development GmbH.

“Our goal is to provide the most convenient mobility services, anywhere, anytime. In that respect, an application allowing the use of multiple mobility services providers within one single user interface is a significant step forward”

said Brigitte Courtehoux, Head of the Connected Services and New Mobility Solutions Business Unit at PSA Group.

Managing Directors Michel Stumpe and Fabian Kofler will continue to manage the app under its new name, Free2Move. Contractual agreements with existing car sharing providers will also be maintained and expanded further. This includes protecting the users’ data and maintaining the services’ independence.

“We are very proud to have developed from a local start-up to a successful international business in such a short period of time. This support from the PSA Group will allow us to extend our network of partners as well as our global footprint and to make them accessible to our users. The mission remains the same – to build a neutral platform for new mobility services that encompasses all providers,” announced Michel Stumpe.

Why not give it a try? We’re available in +30 cities!

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