Free2move Launches Car on Demand Subscription Service in Detroit, Key West and La Porte 17th May 2023

Free2move Launches Car on Demand  Subscription Service in Detroit, Key West and La Porte

    • Free2move expands the offer of its services in US and opens Car on Demand in Detroit, Key West and La Porte

    • The program expansion underlines the Free2move commitment to innovation and sustainability 

    • Car on Demand provides customers with an opportunity to test vehicles in real life scenarios

    Washington D.C., May 17, 2023 – Free2move, a company committed to providing easy vehicle access, is proud to offer Car on Demand, a smart mobility solution that provides an all-inclusive month-to-month subscription that includes doorstep delivery, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and maintenance. Following the success of this model in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, San Diego, Columbus, and Portland, Free2move is now expanding the program to customers in Detroit, Key West, and La Porte.

    "Car on Demand is an innovative and convenient way for customers to have access to a vehicle without the hassle and long-term commitment of traditional ownership," said Benjamin Maillard, General Manager of Free2move. "We are excited to bring this service to more cities, providing more customers with a smart and flexible mobility solution that meets their needs."

    A fully digital experience

    Free2move's Car on Demand is designed specifically for customers who need a monthly vehicle. The service offers a fully digital experience where customers can book their vehicles through the Free2move app without any physical interaction or paperwork. Customers manage their subscriptions online, where they can browse and select their desired vehicles from an online catalog that includes features and options. All relevant information is received digitally, and the subscription agreement and payment details are completed online using electronic signatures and accepted payment methods, such as credit/debit card or bank transfer. Vehicle delivery to the customer's location is also arranged digitally.

    Insurance, maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance are all included in the defined price, customers are only required to pay for their gas, putting them in complete control of expenses and eliminating unexpected setbacks.

    Average subscription length of 8.5 months

    As a tech company, Free2move creates optimal service scenarios for its customers. An analysis of cities already in operation revealed that Car on Demand is most popular with 30-49-year-olds, with an equal division between private and business customers. This solution enables all customers to meet their punctuated needs, and B2B customers can easily augment their fleet with a new vehicle. The average Free2move Car on Demand contract lasts for 8.5 months.

    Free2move Car on Demand is available in the following new cities:

    Detroit: at the heart of the US automotive headquarters!

    Key West: sensational for seasonal stays

    La Porte: the perfect hub for the North Eastern states

    For more information please visit our website.

    About Free2move 

    Free2move is the only global mobility brand offering a complete and unique ecosystem for its private and professional customers around the world. Relying on data and technology, Free2move puts the customer experience at the heart of the business to reinvent mobility. Free2move offers a range of services to satisfy the multiple travel needs of its customers from one minute to several days or months with car-sharing service, short, medium or long-term rental as well as the reservation of VTC drivers and parking spaces via the application. Free2move Mobility in figures worldwide: 6 million customers, 450,000 rental vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces.

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