Elit Parking - extérieur (3815)

les véhicules utilitaires, camping car, ou véhicule avec remorque sont facturés 20€ de plus
Nous ne prenons qu'un maximum de 4 personnes d'une même famille dans nos navettes. En cas de non respect de cette règle, en montant de 10€ sera facturé par personne et par trajet

Parking address

chemin des Blaches, 38540 Grenay, FR


When you arrive at the parking lot,

 Park your vehicle in the entrance area (blue zone)

Take out your luggage and wait for the arrival of the shuttle driver

We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before the shuttle departure to avoid any delay. You will be checked in 5 minutes before the shuttle leaves. It is imperative to inform the driver in case of delay at 07-83-93-08-41 in order to try to find you a fallback solution.

Do not call to avoid disturbing the driver who is at the wheel.

The shuttle transfer is included for a maximum of 4 people per reservation. If you are traveling with more than 4 people, we invite you to drop off your passengers at the airport before going to the parking lot.