Free2move Connect Fleet

The ultimate fleet management tool

Why Free2move Connect Fleet

Thanks to our best-in-class embedded technology, your vehicles become connected and advanced data are transmitted directly to your digital dashboard.

Based on the detailed reports, you will be able not just to monitor your fleet status but also to optimize your fleet management, reduce costs by tracking mileage and fuel consumption, maximize routes, minimize idle time, increase efficiency and cut your carbon footprint for a more sustainable mobility.

Free2move Connect Fleet Features

GPS tracking icon

GPS Tracking

Get access to a real-time map to track your vehicles' locations. Perfect to optimize and plan routes or even manage emergency situations.

Consumption indicators icon

Consumption indicators

Get accurate data reports on your fleet's fuel usage. This allows you to improve efficiency and save money, by reducing your running costs.

Pattern analysis icon

Driving patterns analysis

Take advantage of coaching advices to improve your driver patterns. This will allow you to optimize the fleet usage and reduce maintenance needs.

Eco driving advice icon

Eco-driving advice

Enjoy tailored tips for higher fuel savings and a more sustainable mobility. Good for your business, good for the environment.

An offer for all your needs

Connect Fleet One

  • Mileage and fuel consumption monitoring
  • Mechanical alerts in real time
  • Maintenance and servicing alerts

Connect Fleet Plus

All Connect Fleet One and

  • Analysis of each driver's driving behaviour
  • Personalised eco-driving coaching tips for the driver
  • Driver behaviour profile with rating across your fleet

Connect Fleet Premium

All Connect Fleet Plus and

  • Geolocation of all fleet vehicles in real time
  • Timestamped tracking of routes
  • Report and analysis of downtime
  • Geofencing alerts configurable by areas

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Free2move Connect Fleet in 4 steps

Fleet analysis icon

Fleet analysis

We test your vehicles' eligibility and analyze your fleet management needs in order to choose the package that best suits you.

Network connection icon

Equipment and network connection

Thanks to our best-in-class technology, our experts connect your vehicles and, if necessary, install equipments enabling you to leverage the service.

Implementation and training icon

Implementation and training

We ensure your vehicles' data are transmitted to your dashboard properly, and we configure the platform to meet your needs.

Solution icon

Access to the solution

You can manage your fleet in full autonomy by using your digital dashboard. We remain at your disposal to offer all the information you might need.

How our technology works

In order to track the activity of your fleet, our team installs on each vehicle our in-house developed hardware, the Connect Box, featuring automatic kilometers calculator, eco-drive indicators, alarms, integrated SIM card, accelerometer and much more.

Your fleet data will be received and sent in real time to a SAS tool which will process the data and then convert it into your digital dashboard. We take privacy issues very seriously and guarantee you a comprehensive protection of your data at all times.

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