Free2move Expands its Presence in new European Markets 6th July 2023



Free2move Expands its Presence in new European Markets 

  • Free2move expands into new European markets, including Slovenia, Greece, and Romania, through partnerships with major importers of Stellantis brands in the respective regions

  • The company's growth project in southeastern Europe gains momentum, leading to the establishment of multiple new locations

  • The expansion demonstrates the company's commitment to meeting the growing demand for flexible and sustainable transportation options across Europe

Paris, July 6, 2023 - Free2move is pleased to announce its expansion into Slovenia, Greece, and Romania, solidifying its commitment to meeting the increasing demand for flexible and sustainable transportation options across Europe. These strategic moves are made possible through partnerships with major importers of Stellantis brands in these regions.

Stepping stones for growth project

Free2move's growth project in the markets of south-eastern Europe has gained momentum since late 2022, and the company's operational activities have experienced significant acceleration in spring 2023. Extensive market research has revealed promising business opportunities, especially through synergies with the importers of Stellantis brands in Slovenia (launch in Q4 2022), Greece, and Romania (both launch in Q2 2023). These markets serve as the initial stepping stones for Free2move's expansion strategy.

In Slovenia, Free2move has partnered with C Automobil Import d.o.o., the general importer and distributor of Citroën and DS Automobiles since 1996. The company has demonstrated exceptional strength in the Slovenian market since its establishment and has recently opened new locations in Ravne na Koroškem, Maribor, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Kranj, Koper, Ljubljana, Celje, and Ljutomer.

In Greece, Free2move has signed an agreement with the Syngelidis Group, a prominent organization engaged in the import and distribution of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and specialty vehicles. With a strong presence in the Greek Public sector, Real Estate Management, and Insurance services, the Syngelidis Group has a rich history of successful partnerships with Stellantis brands, including Citroën, DS, Peugeot, and Opel. The group operates 93 dealers and 126 points of sales across Greece.

Free2move has also launched rental activities in Romania through its partnership with Trust Motors Group, represented by IMAG. Trust Motors Group is a renowned importer of Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobile, and Peugeot Motorcycle, with over 30 years of experience in sales and aftersales, having sold more than 131,000 cars. The group's activities encompass import and retail, comprehensive logistic services, and various automotive-related operations.

Ambitious long-term goals

These expansion efforts underscore the high demand for new vehicle access options in Europe. Free2move is dedicated to developing innovative services for this strategic market, with plans to expand its offerings globally by 2030. By the end of the decade, Free2move aims to become the world's leading mobility reference, introducing new dealership programs that provide revenue streams through Free2move rent, car-sharing, and subscription services. Furthermore, each dealership partnering with Free2move will receive access to the advanced Free2move fleet management tools and dedicated support from the company's team.

"We take pride in our achievements and remain committed to delivering the best mobility experience to our users worldwide. The demand for flexibility has never been higher, and within our mobility ecosystem, we offer comprehensive solutions, including car rental, car-sharing, and subscription services. Our customer insights reveal the dynamic growth of our rent and car-sharing activities in the past year. Our success demonstrates our ability to meet the diverse mobility needs of our customers sustainably. We eagerly anticipate further growth and the opportunity to shape the future of sustainable mobility," stated Brigitte Courtehoux, CEO of Free2move.

About Free2move

Free2move is the only global mobility brand offering a complete and unique ecosystem for its private and professional customers around the world. Relying on data and technology, Free2move puts the customer experience at the heart of the business to reinvent mobility. Following a mobility marketplace approach, Free2move offers a range of services to satisfy the multiple travel needs of its customers - from one minute to several days or months with car-sharing, short, medium or long-term rental as well as parking spaces via one app. The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and is part of the multinational Stellantis Group. Free2move in figures: more than 6 million customers, 450,000 rental vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces.

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