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Car Rental in San Jose

The transportation business has progressed far further than our wildest dreams. Looking back in time, you'll be surprised at how far we've come in the transportation business. Also, individuals could not have imagined sophisticated transportation in their sick imaginings. The transportation sector is helping drivers' and automobile owners' lives more accessible by adding technology.

Reserve your car rental in San Jose and see the town's attractions labeled the "capital of Silicon Valley." Drive north to California's Great America Park for roller coasters and water park entertainment. Other places to see with your San Jose car rentals include the San Jose Museum of Art, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which has tombs and artifact displays.

The bright flowers of the Municipal Rose Garden inspire many tourists. Parking spaces are available in San Jose. When selecting a car rental in San Jose, consider that limited vehicles get free parking. San Jose has around 50 rental outlets.

A rental automobile from Enterprise is ideal for holiday road excursions, airport transit, or getting around town. Choose one of our many handy San Jose local car rental outlets or get a car at San Jose Airport Terminal.

Why should you hire a car in San Jose?

For car hire San Jose is a fantastic city to visit by vehicle. While Costa Rica is better known for its stunning coastline, volcano scenery, and tropical natural areas, the capital city also has loads of potential, from exciting museums concentrating on the region's pre-Columbian heritage to vibrant districts and some of the country's most incredible eateries. San Jose lies in the center of Costa Rica, so both the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines and all of the other best sights are readily available from here.


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San Jose's Best Hotels

DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose

The Double Tree Hilton is sleek and trendy, including an in-house Japanese restaurant and grill. The rooms are well decorated, and the roof deck is ideal for soaking up the California sun.

Courtyard by Marriott San Jose Airport

The Patio, located in North San Jose, is ideal for touring some of the city's best-known tech communities. The accommodations are sleek and modern, with a health club and a pool house, and some of the city's most famous sights, including Great America and the Levi Stadium, are less than 10 minutes away.

Hyatt Place San Jose Airport

Hyatt Place, situated five minutes from the airport terminal and ten minutes beyond San Jose's amusement parks, is a prime area for enjoying the city with a family. The hotel boasts an outdoor relaxation and a fully equipped fitness facility.

San Jose's Best Restaurants

Il Fornaio San Jose

For a full flavor of Italian food, order the Baby Squid, delicately spiced and deep-fried, followed by the Mixed Salmon Grill with Calamari, Langoustines, and Prawns. This honors restaurant is excellent to visit since fresh pasta is cooked daily.

Falafel’s Drive In

Falafels Drive-In is a San Jose staple beloved by both citizens and visitors. At the takeaway area, exquisite gyros stuffed with crispy falafel, excellent hummus, lemon juice, and garlic oil welcome you. If you want it hot, add the extra jalapenos.

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant

For an actual Ethiopian-inspired gastronomic excursion, lunch at the famed Zeni restaurant. Set on comfortable floor couches as lentils, coarsely diced beef is presented in excellent turmeric, garlic, and ginger sauce.

San Jose's Top Attractions

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is located in many of the world's leading advanced technological businesses. As immediately as you arrive at San Jose International Airport, you can go directly into Silicon Valley and see the world's tech center.

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a gorgeous beachfront spot in San Jose that is ideal for a day excursion. Visit the rough Pacific shoreline and wander along the promenade while sampling the food at the nearby cafes and restaurants.

Family fun at California’s Great America

Visit California's Great America to experience the excitement and crashes of one of the state's most incredible theme parks. Family-friendly rollercoasters include eight distinct rides.

San Jose Parking

  • San Jose Airport has several parking choices. Both passenger buildings include hourly, daily, and accessible car parks, as well as an inexpensive car park.

  • Market & San Pedro Garage (95113) offers 1,393 parking spots near St James Park and the San Pedro Square Market.

  • St John Garage (95112) contains 1,112 parking spots and is close to City Hall.

  • City View Plaza (95113), which has 1010 parking spaces, is placed close to Plaza de Cesar Chavez.

Great Deals for Car Rental in San Jose

San Jose has excellent daily, weekly, and long-term rental deals. Find the best deals on your next Car Rental San Jose in four simple steps. Book now at the lowest available rate with a small down payment and pay the remainder when you pick up the automobile.

What can I get?

Our objective is to assist clients in selecting the best cheap car rental San José.  We will inform you of everything you need to understand prior to you registering. We provide you with all the data, from previous customer reviews to what's socially accepted pick-up details, so that you can pick the most significant rental decision for you.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

We offer unique access to the lowest pricing and bundle package in San Jose. Our clever reservation search engine will guarantee that those discounts are passed on to you! To assist you in finding your ideal automobile, we recommend the best and least pricing for your rental demands.

Local Knowledge!

We think everybody should have a unique and pleasurable automobile rental experience. As a result, we have chosen courteous, helpful, dependable providers with extensive local expertise to guarantee you get the most out of your San Jose rental.

Driving rules that you should be aware of when driving in San Jose

Traveling your car rentals in San Jose, California, necessitates careful respect for their traffic laws and regulations, such as the statute requiring all passengers in a car to wear seat belts even when in transit. Seatbelts should be worn at all times when driving by both vehicle occupants. San Jose claims that drivers must follow the guidelines established by the international of California.

The speed restriction on San Jose motorways is more significant than in other parts of the city, with the streets requiring a half-speed limit that is tightly enforced. The speed restriction is the slowest in residential zones and communities near schools. It is illegal to check or react to text texts while driving.

When on the phone, one must utilize hands-free equipment if needed. Your alcohol level should not be more than 0.08 percent. On the other hand, the government has a zero-tolerance rule for driving drunk, so you face being punished for the case of alcohol. When going to San Jose, check the city's agency for any new legal changes.

Traffic and parking tips

  • Costa Rica follows the right edge of the street. In Costa Rica, automobiles with the wheel on the right-hand side are not legal. Except as otherwise specified, the maximum speed on interstate roads is 120km/h, 60km/h on most minor and rural highways, 40km/h within urban and built-up regions, and 25km/h near hospitals and schools.

  • Crossing yellow lines is not permitted.

  • Many areas in Costa Rica, including specific San Jose neighborhoods, lack a standardized house counting system. Many locations can only be discovered in connection to the nearby landmark. Road signage may also be inadequate. As a result, renting a car with a GPS is an excellent option.

  • Most of Costa Rica's interstate roads are in good condition, while subsidiary roads and roads traversing conservation areas might be of various quality. Some are poorly paved, may have potholes, lack proper lighting, and have no pedestrian crossings. Because there are so many animals in Costa Rica, livestock or wildlife crossing the street might be a problem. Mudslides and floods are also common. As a result, it's critical to drive cautiously, particularly after dark, and to prepare your trip ahead of time.

  • A compact or medium-sized automobile is a decent choice for driving in San Jose. Getting a 4WD is a fantastic choice if you want to travel in rural or natural locations.

  • The recommended limit for alcohol is 0.05 percent. The rules are strictly enforced, and violating the limit can result in penalties, license suspension, expulsion, or incarceration.

  • When traveling, you must have valid insurance and vehicle documents with you.

  • You must always carry your passport or ID card when driving.

  • 911 is the national general emergency number. You can dial 117 for police, 118 for fire and medics, or 128 for an ambulance.


Choose from free2move car rental for the perfect American road trip, small compact cars for zipping through San Jose, or capacious sedans big for the whole family. Reserve a vehicle rental at San Jose Airport today to begin your fantasy California road trip.