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Car Rental in Austin

Austin was designed to amuse. Whether you travel during the scorching summer months, the excellent springs and autumns, or the warm winters, you can relish various activities. Cost estimate provides affordable car rentals in Austin to ensure you don't miss out.

Swim in Barton Springs Pool, pose for fantastic street art photos or explore the Texas Capitol. You'll have a Texas-sized hunger after a whole day of action. Austin is known for its delicious Tex-Mex and BBQ, so taste it for yourself at a local food truck. You might wish to visit more of Texas after exploring Austin.

The budget provides vehicle rental stations around Texas for simple car returns after a long drive to let you continue your travels. Austin is a vibrant city with one of the largest colleges in the United States and a thriving music scene. Getting from one attraction to the next has advantages and disadvantages.

Austin's weather is often milder than the rest of the country. However, unpredictable winter road conditions might present problems on occasion. Summer in Austin can be pretty hot, so air conditioning must be in July and August. Austin gets more excellent rain in May and June than any other month of the year. Plan ahead of time if you intend to come during this period.

As a relatively central metropolitan area with plenty of traffic, it is highly advisable to allow an additional 10-15 minutes for longer trips. Parking might be difficult to find while visiting tourist sites or nightlife areas. However, those who take a trip to Austin will be rewarded handsomely.

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The Colorado River's Culture

Year-round concerts, a few of the greatest BBQs in the country, and fascinating galleries are just a few of the many reasons to visit Austin. Continue reading for our recommendations for three of the city's trendiest spots.


Downtown Austin never appears to sleep. Throughout the day, it is crowded with legislators, investors, and tourists who want to view the Capitol Building and the Paramount Theater. Return at night to see live comedy, dance at prominent clubs, or drink in fashionable riverside pubs.


Austinites like Zilker Park's vast green areas and the laid-back ambiance of swimming hole Barton Springs. This region not only has a well-known theater specializing in independent premieres and a lovely botanical garden, but it's also the location of one of the most exciting attractions: the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

South Congress

Keep Austin Weird is the city's tagline, and this strong-willed neighborhood in the city's south epitomizes it. South Parliament, part of the famed 78704 area code, attracts audiences with its global location, The Continental Club. It's also a great spot to find quaint boutiques, vivid murals, tasty street cuisine, and exciting art galleries.

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What You Should Know About Car Rental in Austin

Traveling in Austin does not have to be a frustrating process. To assist you, we've addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about borrowing a car in the city.

What automobile rental businesses are there in Austin?

The sprawling, tourist-friendly metropolis is well-equipped to host millions of tourists annually. As a result, you have your pick of automobile rental businesses here. In the city and at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, well-known companies such as Fox, Advantage, and others operate. The variety of firms and automobiles available might be bewildering, so utilize Orbitz's comparison tools to help you pick.

What age do I need to be to hire a car in Texas?

California has no minimum age limit, leaving it to the individual automobile rental firms. Most will provide vehicles to drivers aged 21 and above, with a younger driver premium for those under 25.

What information do automobile rental businesses want from me?

Bring your driver's license and a credit card with you if you scoop up your rental car. If you are coming from the United States, bring an International Driving Permit.

What's it like to drive in Austin?

Austin is typically seen to be simple to traverse by vehicle. You may wish to avoid peak hour traffic, but it is a more easygoing city for driving than other more packed places. Cycling is prevalent in this area, so keep an eye out for bikes on the roadways.

Parking in Austin

  • Downtown Austin has a car park after 6 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, during the day on Sundays.

  • The Capitol Visitors Parking Garage is located in downtown Austin and is inexpensive for the first two hours.

  • Street parking is also plentiful and metered. Download the Park ATX smartphone app to pay for and extend your parking period conveniently.

Austin Attractions

Zilker Park

Zilker Park is a popular hangout for residents. It's easy to understand why, with the fantastic scenery of the Colorado River and the metropolis. There are lots to do on its 350 acres, from swimming in Barton Springs Pool to seeing a concert at Zilker Hillside Theater and even continuing to learn with hiking paths at Botanical Gardens and Zilker Nature Preserve.

LBJ Presidential Library

Although Lyndon Baines Johnson served as President in Washington, D.C., he was probably born in Texas. Explore LBJ's life, speeches, and legacies at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin. Car Parks off Red River Road and is inexpensive for library visitors.

Congress Avenue

Congressional Road is Austin's primary thoroughfare, running from the Texas Capitol to the river and the Congress Avenue Bridge. Stroll down this famous street for your selection of stores, or take an amazing Segway Tour to see Downtown Austin in fashion. The road becomes back in the evening with clubs, concerts, and bats — visit the Statesman Bat Observation Center to see some of Austin's less well-known inhabitants.

Austin's Best Restaurants

Pitchfork Pretty

This local restaurant on East Cesar Chavez Street serves excellent Hill Country food fresh from the restaurant's garden. Their food is fantastic seasonally, but it always includes a variety of grilled meats and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives.


Uchi, located on Lamar Boulevard in a Texas revolution home, offers a non-traditional twist on Japanese food. Eat Agemono, sushi, and sashimi indoors or on the terrace. Happy hour specials and chef sampling courses are also available.

Austin's Best Hotels

The Driskill

This landmark hotel in Downtown Austin has been serving visitors for over a century. Each of the 189 rooms has a timeless style and all of the modern conveniences of a five-star hotel. After a day of touring Austin's lively streets, there's a restaurant, café, and bar to unwind in.

Kimber Modern Boutique Hotel

This four-star luxury hotel south of the river has a primary available that is ideal for Austin's popular SoCo sector. Relax on the hotel's patio, which features a 25-foot crystal water feature and delicious teas and coffees. Off-street parking is also accessible on a first, initial basis to guests.

Austin's Most Odd Attractions

Museum of the Weird

Aside from the live music, diverse food, and monumental landscapes, Austin has an offbeat side just waiting to be discovered. Austin's extravagant side is celebrated in the Museum of the Weird. There's much to wonder at "America's Strangest Attraction," from shrunken heads to Fiji mermaids.

Cathedral of Junk

With 60 tons of people's leftovers, this unique destination expresses that "one man's trash is yet another man's treasure." The construction of this exciting church began in 1989 and has only increased due to the steady inflow of defective products from locals and tourists.


  • Whether you want to visit Austin or visit sights like Austin Zoo or the Colorado River, a rental car will take you places quickly. You won't be complaining about timings or public transportation disruptions whenever you rent a vehicle in Austin. Houston and San Antonio are around 165 and 80 miles distant, correspondingly, and are well worth a day trip for anyone living in Austin for an extended period.

  • Have a cheap car rental Austin from International Airport and go into the downtown area in 15 minutes. The rental vehicle center is situated at the client booths on Level 1. However, signage will direct you there before the terminal. Sightseeing buses run between the airport and the vehicle rental center.

  • Because Austin is a bike-friendly city, avoid crossing bike paths and risk harming a rider. Also, keep in mind that Austin has a relatively fast pace relative to many other cities. Because Austin includes interstates that intersect in lower and upper levels, navigating the system might be difficult initially, so drive extra cautiously and attentively to pick the correct exit.


Free2move car rental puts you in the heart of Texas' state capital. Austin, regarded as the "Live Music Capital of the World," is brimming with music events, venues, and brilliant performers. In reality, the city has 250 live music venues, ranging between blues and jazz to the nation. 

Furthermore, if you intend on undertaking a fantastic family vacation throughout Texas, you may return your rental car to any Hertz facility in the country for no additional price. With a car rental Austin, you can immerse yourself in the 'Live Music Capital of the World' and explore the city's distinct pulse.