13 Travel Apps That Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Are you planning your next trip? Looking for the apps that will help you plan better and enjoy your trip to the fullest? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the best travel apps you can find today.

13 of the best travel apps


Buy your flight ticket on Skyscanner

travel app skyscanner

Skyscanner is an app that lets you search for flights (you can also check car rentals & hotels). The interface is intuitive and you can easily compare different criteria such as price & time, direct flights or not, etc. There are no hidden fees and you can even set up price alerts. If you’re an adventurous person that is looking to fly somewhere at a cheap price, you will love this: enter the city you’re flying from and select “everywhere” as your destination, you’ll be amazed with some of the results!

Download Skyscanner on iOS or Android

Compare buses or a trains with GoEuro

If you’re doing relatively short distances within Europe, an option would be to travel by train or bus! With GoEuro you can easily find cheap options to book trains and buses and the app is super helpful when it comes to comparing routes and prices.

Download GoEuro on iOS or Android


booking.com for hotels

best travel app booking.com

If you want to book a hotel, booking.com is the most practical app you can use. You’ll find good deals and you’ll be able to see where the hotel is on the map. Once you’ve booked your accommodation, you can see all the information regarding the reservation on the app.

Download Booking.com on iOS or Android

Airbnb for a local experience

Airbnb offers all sorts of options from renting a room or flat to local experiences such as walking tours or local guides. You can easily communicate with the hosts before booking a place and you won’t be surrounded by tourists! So if you’re avoiding a touristic vibe, I would definitely recommend Airbnb.

Download Airbnb on iOS or Android

Hotel Tonight for last minute reservations

Hotel Tonight is great for last minute trips! If you’re willing to freestyle and take a last minute risk, you might find some really cool deals: some hotels that are not fully booked add room at a discounted price on Hotel Tonight.

Download Hotel Tonight on iOS or Android

Moving around


miles hamburg carsharing with Free2Move

If you use car sharing in North America or Europe, Free2Move will be your best travel buddy. It’s an app that gives you access to all the car-, scooter- and bikesharing providers. You’ll find the closest and cheapest vehicle near you on one single map. They offer their services in +33 cities around Europe and North America, so you can easily rent a bike, car or scooter during your trip without going through an agent and waiting in line. Make sure to open your app when you land in a new town, you can sometimes find cars in the Airport’s parking!

Download Free2Move on iOS or Android

Get ready for carsharing

Get ready for carsharing


Uber is almost everywhere. Most of the time, it’s cheaper and more efficient than a regular taxi. You can see where the driver is in your app, how long he needs to get to you and you can know in advance how much it will cost you. Finally, you pay through the app so you don’t need to have cash on you!

Download Uber on iOS or Android


Google Maps is always practical, no matter the nature of your trip. Whether you’re moving around with a car or public transport, you’ll get the best suggestions in terms of navigation, and the time estimates take into account congestion and public transport delays. You can also use it to discover places around you, including restaurants, museums and much more. If you don’t have data in your travel destination, you won’t be able to use the navigation feature but you’ll still be able to see where you are and what’s around you.

Download Google Maps on iOS or Android


Google translate

Best travel apps Google Translate

Google translate is essential as you can translate +100 languages with this app. Of course it’s not always perfectly translated but you can easily communicate and be understood. You can save some keywords or phrases that you can re-use during your trip. The app also offers voice dictations! Finally, if you want to understand what’s written in a foreign language, you can take a picture and the app will translate the text on the image to the language of your choice. So no struggle at supermarkets!

Download Google Translate on iOS or Android

Enjoy the city


Best travel apps getyourguide

If you want to do some tours during your trip, download this app. You’ll find cool suggestions for popular tours and activities around you and you can get the tickets on the app. It’s great when it comes to organising your activities and you can store the tickets on the app and share them. It just makes it easier to plan the touristic part of your trip.

Download GetYourGuide on iOS or Android


This is perfect for holidays with a group of people. You can divide all the expenses of the group. You just need to create the group, share it with your friends and each peron adds what they spent. You’ll all see who spent what and who should pay whom.

Download Tricount on iOS or Android

XE Currency

This currency converter can come in very handy when it comes to performing exchange rate calculations. It tracks currency rates in real time and you can even use it offline.

Download XE Currency on iOS or Android

WiFi Map

If you’re travelling without a data plan, you’ll definitely need this app. It provides you with a map of the nearest available WiFi services around you. You’ll find information about the passwords and even tips from other users.

Download WiFi Map on iOS or Android

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