Parking Services - Valet service (369)

PSV has been offering its services for over 7 years, operating in the Marseille Provence and Gare d'Aix-en-Provence areas, with over 10,000 customers to its credit.

With more than 7000 customers having already used our services, we strive to combine professionalism and rigour in order to meet our commitments and values. Customer satisfaction is our watchword, which is why PSV is committed to meeting its commitments.   

What can we do for you? We provide a valet parking service with a secure parking space close to the area served. The vehicle is picked up and dropped off at the drop-off point at the time you specify.

The dimensions of an L3H2 van are 2.20 m in height and 3.70 m in length, which will be the best for our structure. 

Any vehicle larger than this will not be accepted in the car park.

IMPORTANT: The vehicle pick-up time corresponds to the reservation start time!

After 00:00, our closing time, there will be a night increase which will increase:

20€ 00h>1h
30€ 1h>2h
40€ 2h>3h
50€ 3h>4h


Marseille Provence Airport (MRS), 13727 Marignane, FR


On the day of your departure, 20 minutes before your arrival at the airport, call your valet at the phone number indicated in your confirmation email.

The pick-up time of the vehicle corresponds to the start time of your reservation.

Your valet will be waiting for you at the long drop-off point at the boarding terminal.

He will proceed to an inventory of your vehicle before driving it to the parking lot.

In the event of an overrun, you will have to pay the valet directly, according to the hourly rate in force.

The dimensions of a L3H2 van are 2.20 m in height and 3.70 m in length, respectively, which is the best for our structure.
Any vehicle larger than this will not be accepted on the parking lot.