BLIC+ (0)

BLIC+ - is a service for people in a rush. The BLIC+ service includes: car exterior washing and interior cleaning, fast track coupons and parking in Vilnius airport closest parking lot PC.
How does it work:
1. Order the service online.
2. Park your car in PC parking lot in marked spaces for BLIC+.
3. Bring car keys and documents to the Pack&Fly kiosk, fill the agreement. Kiosk is located in departure hall.
4. Once you are back from the trip, come back to the Pack&Fly kiosk to collect your car keys and documents, while your clean car waits for you in the same parking lot.

Dirección del aparcamiento

2 Rodunios, LT-02189 Vilnius, LT


You can enter parking lot during the time provided in your reservation.
To enter PC parking lot, please follow these steps:
1. Stop the car at the entrance barrier;
2. Wait for the camera to read the car license plate and for the barrier to be raised;
3. After the barrier is raised, enter PC parking lot and place the car in marked spaces for BLIC+;
4. Bring car keys and documents to the Pack and Fly kiosk, fill the remaining documents. Pack and Fly kiosk is located in the departure hall.

PC parking lot is located in front of the entry to arrival terminal.
If car license plate was read incorrectly, please inform us by phone or email.