Enjoy the Free2Move x Urban Campus Pass with a 50% discount on your trips.     

Your car-sharing service from 0,17€/min                                


With the Free2move Pass, save money on every trip and save 50% on the fare.      

This is the ideal offer for any occasional or frequent use. And yes, you choose the discount pass that best suits your need.            

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Exclusive offer    


25 €
50 €
If you buy a Pass now, it will be valid until December, 31, 2022

       How does it work ?        

            Your favorite car-sharing service from 0,17€/min !           

  •  Choose the Free2Move x Urban Campus Pass                                        
  •  After purchase your Pass, you will receive a confirmation email                                                     
  •  And that's it ! Your Pass will be displayed directly in your app and the cost of your trip will be automatically charged according to the balance you have. Have a nice trip !