Electrifying your business fleet

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Electrifying your business fleet: eco-mobility at the service of your activity

Controlling the carbon impact of corporate vehicle fleets is more relevant than ever with the evolution of anti-pollution standards on a European scale. To adapt to this change, fleet managers must accelerate their energy transition through the electrification of their corporate fleet. How to rethink your fleet to meet your mobility needs? What impacts on your management costs? What solutions to put in place? Free2Move is here for you!


The electrification of your business fleet: An energy transition that opens the gates to controlled taxation


The evolution of regulations and taxes on polluting emissions has a direct impact on the taxation of fleet managers. The new ecological bonus / penalty scale presented in the context of the 2020 finance bill is tightening for drivers of polluting vehicles. The ecological penalty is calculated based on the vehicle's CO2 emission rate and then is passed on in the form of a tax. March 1, 2020 mark the entry into force of a new bonus / penalty calculation standard with WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) certification.


The objective of the WLTP cycle is to harmonize the calculation of pollutant emissions worldwide. As a direct consequence of this new approval, the ecological penalty thresholds will be stricter and the taxes applied more weighty.

Company vehicles and long-term rentals are affected by the ecological bonus / penalty. It is advisable to think about taxation when you compose your vehicle fleet. The nature of your fleet has a direct impact on your expenses. Electric vehicles, considered clean, are not affected by the ecological penalty and therefore allow you to benefit from the bonus. In addition, 100% electric vehicles are not subject to the tax on company vehicles. Choosing the right electric for your corporate car fleet is therefore more economical in terms of management costs.

Turn to electricity to limit your carbon impact and optimize the mobility of your employees

In addition to the fiscal aspect, the environmental aspect is a crucial issue. Several large cities are already chasing diesel vehicles by limiting their circulation. After Paris, it is the whole Ile de France region, but also Marseille, Clermont-Ferrand, Fort-de-France, Lyon, Montpellier, Nice, Reims, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulon, Toulouse and Rouen which are planning more or less long term to prohibit access to diesel vehicles.

Constraints that can strongly impact the travel of your employees and limit the exercise of their activity.

Free2Move: turnkey mobility solutions for your business

Electric vehicles therefore offer an environmentally responsible and fiscally sound alternative for your business fleet.

Free2Move offers many solutions to support you in this energy transition. With E-Mobility Advisor, assess the electrification potential of your current fleet, discover a range of suitable vehicles, study the solutions for installing charging stations on your sites, etc. Personalized advice to make a precise point of your fleet and optimization possibilities.

Free2Move is also tools to facilitate the daily life of your employees behind the steering wheel. With the Free2Move Services application, locate the charging stations compatible and available with your electric car, plan a route taking into account the battery life and benefit from the update in real time according to the use of the vehicle: air conditioning, heating, road topography, load on board, speed, are all factors that affect actual consumption.

Control your carbon impact without compromising your mobility by managing your fleet vehicles with Free2Move!

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