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Free2move reveals its new signature: “Move with your time”
8 November 2021

Launched in 2016, the Free2move brand deploys today its new brand signature.…

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Media invite: COP 26 E-Mobility Round Table, video conference
5 November 2021

Brigitte Courtehoux, CEO Free2Move, is inviting you to watch the COP 26 E-Mobility video conference…

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Free2Move conquers new markets with their all-inclusive, month-to-month, Car On Demand subscription service
27 September 2021

In-line with the expansion of their Mobility Hub, Free2Move expands Car On Demand for B2B and B2C customers across the U.S. and Europe…

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Plant a tree with Free2Move new campaign in Madrid: "We turn your trips into trees" campaign
28 July 2021

Free2Move continues to act in favour of sustainability and launches its new campaign for the summer: "We turn your trips into trees".…

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Free2Move launches its short-term Vehicle Rental Service in the UK using a wide network of agencies
27 April 2021

Free2Move is extending its offering in the United Kingdom with Free2Move RENT, a new short-term vehicle rental service…

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Free2Move boosts its carsharing solution with the expansion of its service area and the addition of 100 new Peugeot e-208s to its fleet in Madrid
7 April 2021

Thanks to the renewal of its carsharing fleet in Madrid, Free2Move continues to simplify the mobility of citizens by making transport more accessible, denser and sustainable. The Stellantis mobility brand incorporates 100 new units of the Peugeot e-208 model, thus advancing its fleet renewal plan that will be completed by the end of 2021.…

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New key milestone in EUROPCAR MOBILITY GROUP’S “connected vehicles” program
6 April 2021

Strategic partnership with Free2Move - Stellantis Group, which enables direct access to vehicle data, for an enhanced customer experience and better fleet management capacities…

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Free2Move Germany launches a short-term car rental service with 100 new dealerships available
26 March 2021

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Free2Move launches its medium-term car rental offer in Portugal by subscription, with and without commitment
15 March 2021

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Free2Move Carsharing expands to Portland Oregon
9 March 2021

Free2Move today announced plans to provide its car sharing services to the greater Portland Oregon area beginning late spring/early summer with a fleet of 200 Jeep Renegades. The Portland announcement is the first of its kind for Free2Move since the establishment of its new parent Stellantis and reflects a growth pattern based on a 40 percent increase in overall car sharing activity during the second half of 2020.…

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Free2Move deploys MOBILITY CARD, a Mobility account and its universal payment card to simplify the implementation of mobility packages for companies
1 March 2021

Available beginning March 1st 2021, MOBILITY CARD is Free2Move's new mobility offer dedicated to businesses.…

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Free2Move crosses the milestone of 500,000 connected cars and confirms its ambition to make corporate fleet management more digital, cleaner and safer
27 January 2021

Connect Fleet, Free2Move's online connected fleet management platform continues to appeal to business customers.…

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