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Car Rental in San Francisco 

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination during the summer season. Do you want to spend your summer holidays roaming the streets of San Francisco, and go hiking in the steeping rolling hills of San Francisco? Are you planning to pay a visit to the glamorous city of California this summer? 

Even if you are going out to have breakfast or for evening coffee, you can better explore the city with a car rental in San Francisco. With a rental car, you can explore the city from museums to classical architecture, from cafes to bridges. 

San Francisco is known for its Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and its steep streets. San Francisco has three airports. San Francisco International Airport is an international airport that holds both domestic and international flights. It is 13 miles south of Downtown San Francisco. Apart from that, there is Oakland International Airport and Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport. Our rental car service is available all around these airports. 

Nevertheless, if you are arriving in the city through other means, you do not need to be worried at all. You can avail the services of car rental in San Francisco no matter in which town you are. San Francisco has different towns and each town has its unique culture, our rental services are available in all towns of San Francisco. You can visit any of our car rental outlets, which have experienced employees who can guide you better and solve your queries.

Car Rental Process 

We have modified our car rental methodology for the ease of both customers and employees. One of the major reasons behind bringing this change in the process of renting is to make things easy for people who want to take our services or who are coming through the airport or by other means. The new method involves the availability of our renting service station at different signals so that you can reach to us easily if you are planning to go by road. The main purpose of this service is to maintain the short distance as much as possible between different locations. 

Apart from that we also offer shipment all across the city that can be facilitated by customers according to their choice and demand. To have the advantage of this service, you do not have to do much but just have to reach out to the leasing store, and you are ready to go to avail of this service. We aim to facilitate the customers by providing them with our quality services.

Cleanliness Guidelines that we follow 

Cleanliness is our priority for the car renting service in San Francisco. We have followed all the guidelines that are required for the safety of people and our customers. Keeping into consideration the present situation of safety, health and safety guidelines according to travel restrictions, we have followed the charter of safety guidelines which includes cleaning, sweeping, hovering, and sanitizing. Sanitizing is a must for disinfection and to save travel in our rented cars.

The process of booking and canceling the reservation

The process of canceling and booking a rented car is very simple and easy to avail. By just pressing a button on your smartphone, you may reserve your seats and even postpone them. You can either go to our website to make modifications to your reservation, book or cancel it. The second alternative is to just download our app and use all of the features. Customers can also make use of a refund policy and a pre-paid option for a stress-free journey.

Car Rental tips in San Francisco 

  • While renting a car in San Francisco, it is important to do research on which company is the best for providing rent cars with suitable discount offers. In addition, what kind of conditions do the cars have in terms of coverage, and insurance that make the total cost of the car for rent. 

  • Riding is very widely known in San Francisco, so car owners must be cautious and aware of the rides across them. Every time check your mirrors when making a turn or opening the door because you never realize when a bicyclist will show up underneath you.

  • Another thing to consider while driving in San Francisco is to avoid traffic hours to save the cost of gas and petrol. The usual rush hours in San Francisco are from 7 am to 9 am and from 3 pm to 7 pm. The worst traffic on Friday is from 5 pm to 6 pm. 

  • Try to take back roads during rush hours. Instead of taking Marina Boulevard or 880th south, try to look for alternative routes so that you do not get stuck in traffic. 

  • Try to keep yourself updated by downloading an app or by tuning in a radio. You can tune in to FM 106.9, 740 AM, 940 AM, or 1070 AM to keep yourself updated. 

  • Always carry a credit card with you while renting a car, just in case you do not have a credit card, the debit card can work too.

  • Always carry proof of insurance with you or you might have to buy it from a car renting outlet. 

  • In order to have a rented car, you must be having a driving license. 

Parking in San Francisco 

Rules for Parking 

You need to pay attention to three rules while parking your car in San Francisco. 

  1. The color of the curb 

  • Red color curbs symbolize no parking zone. These are usually found around bus stations and fire stations. 

  • White curbs are five-minute parking zones. These are used as picking up and dropping off locations. These are usually found in schools, hospitals, and restaurants. 

  • Green curbs are ten minutes parking zones, usually found near ATMs. 

  • Blue curbs have no time limit and they are for disabled people.

  • The yellow curbs are parking lots reserved only for the commercial vehicle. 

  1. The Time 

  • Always pay attention to the time limit sign boards. The time limit to park in a residential neighborhood is two hours. 

  • If there is no sign board, you can park your car for a maximum of seventy-two hours, and after the limit is reached, park your car in another block. 

  • Try to avoid driving around and parking in the same block, or you will be fined. 

  1. Schedule of street cleaning 

  • Try to pay attention to street cleaning hours. In San Francisco, you cannot park before street cleaning. Try to look for the block that has already been swept to park your car. 

Some Other Rules

  • Your parked car should always be in the flow of traffic.

  • When parallel parking, the wheels of the vehicle should not be more than 18 inches from the curb. 

  • When parking on a slope which are many in San Francisco, the front wheels of the vehicle should be angled in such a way that if the brakes are failed, the vehicle should move to the curb, not towards the street. While parking uphill, the wheels should be away from the curb. 

  • Stay away from tow-away zones. Tow-away restrictions are written in red on the sign boards. 

  • For long-time parking, we recommend parking in a residential neighborhood. 

  • The Mason O'Farrell Garage is located near the Powell Street BART station and is just blocks away from Union Square and the maximum daily charges are $ 35. 

10 Best Parking Spots in San Francisco 

  • Lombard Street Garage 

  • Kezar Parking lot

  • Elif Parking 

  • SF Parking Garage

  • Owens Street Parking Garage 

  • Filmore Street Annex Garage 

  • Public Parking 

  • Sutter Stockton Garage 

Best Renting Car service in San Francisco 

Renting a car in San Francisco is a must if you want to explore the city from museums to hill stations. If you have a rented car with you, you can fully enjoy and have an adventurous experience while residing in the city. You can visit Rental Car in San Francisco to select any car as per your budget. With free 2 move, you are free to travel all across the city. 

Some things to consider while renting a car 

  • Before renting a car, do a thorough study on what kind of car you want to have and the charges respectively. 

  • Always go through the rates and fares and make sure that you are aware of the rental costs including the tax to save yourself from extra charges. 

  • Always check the condition of the car before booking in case of any scratches and other damages to the car. 

  • Always keep in mind to return on time otherwise it can cost you much extra than you can imagine. 


What is the average cost of renting a car in San Francisco?

The average cost to rent a car in San Francisco is $ 203 per day. 

What is the cheapest cost of renting a car in San Francisco?

The cheapest rental car cost in San Francisco is $ 37 per day.

What is the most popular renting car type in San Francisco?

SUV is the most popular rental car type in San Francisco.


It is best to have a renting San Francisco while traveling to have a good experience. Car rental in San Francisco works to provide quality services in the city of adventures.