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Car rental in Reading

Are you on vacation? Also, wanted to spend your vacations memorable, then you can make it through us. In Reading, there are a lot of places to visit and spend a good time with your friends and family. 

Moreover, if you are a travelling expert then you always wanted to eat the famous meals in Reading. But you can find a lot of innovative things in Reading. 

Through a car rental in Reading, it will become simple to explore various places in this city. You can hire a rental automobile that will give you a chance to visit all places of this city at an affordable rate and with high-quality service. 

In Reading, there are many car rental Reading sites available for the customers. According to this, you can easily select various locations around this city and explore them through our service. 


In reading, there are a lot of locations to visit and spend a pleasant time with others. This city contains various sporting events, restaurants, cafes, wildlife areas, walking tours, and different religious sites. Reading is filled with several parks. All of these parks are extremely valuable and also increase the beauty level of this city. Due to car rental in Reading, it will become simple to explore various famous parks in Reading like Basildon Park, Beale Park, Wellington country park, and Forbury Gardens. Moreover, the Reading Museum is also quite a famous place to visit. For exploring these locations, you have to use car hire Reading. 

If someone is arriving in the city by using different means then we have different places throughout the city. If you wanted a car rental service then you always search for cheap car rental Reading and visit various sites on the net. But our company is providing tons of services related to car rental where you can get high-quality rental cars. 

Car rental process 

We have changed our car rental methodology for defending customers and staff. Therefore, you can easily rent a vehicle from us and select the required places you wanted to visit. Moreover, we are also providing shipment service at various car rental places. Our team is focused on providing the best car rental service to the customers so they can enjoy the trip to Reading. 

Steps were taken to clean rental cars

A comprehensive smooth commitment is involved in providing cleaning services to rental vehicles. The car rental Reading is gaining cleaning services from comprehensive smooth commitment. It is providing cleaning, sweeping, sanitizing and hoovering services. Moreover, this service is also extended to our neighbourhood and transport branches located in Reading.

Modify, Extend or can reservation 

If you are confused regarding the rental reservation then just visit the Free2move car rental webpage or smartphone application that is allowing this service. Through this, it will become simple to withdraw a reservation. Moreover, there will be a no-fee refund policy is applied. If you wanted to take the car rental service then just use your smartphone application and avail various options. 

Car rental tips in Reading

  • In Reading city, the peak timing hours are considered an unexpected part of life. Another point is that it cannot be zero in any case. During the weekdays, the rush hour traffic is between 7 am to 9 am. But in the afternoon it is between 4 pm to 7 pm. But there are various alternative places in the city where traffic can be avoided. 

  • The next advantage of Car rental in Reading city is that it is not too big. All places where you wanted to visit are extremely near to your hotel. Moreover, our car rental Reading is using an effective approach for our customers. If someone wanted to go to any location where local transport is more effective, then our car rental service will give you a complete opportunity to shift from rental to public transport and then again on the rental car based on the demand. 

  • In Reading, riding is quite common. Therefore, it is important for car owners to aware of rides across them. For this, just check the side mirrors properly and then open the door. Through this, accidents can be avoided. 

  • About 30% of our customers had discovered the car rental in Reading for about £55 or less.

  • Whenever you wanted to reserve a rental car in Reading then it will be beneficial to book the car one week before then it will be booked at lower rates. 

Parking lots in Reading

There are a lot of parking lots are present in this city. From them, the three parking lots are extremely important for this city that has controlled the traffic properly. From them, the first one is green parking Ltd. The second one is Queen’s Road car park. The third parking lot is the Reading station car park. Moreover, the Reading station parking lot is extremely busy.

There are many parking garages, and the metering system is located in Reading. By using our application, it will become simple to detect various parking lots. 

Traffic in Reading city 

In Reading the rush hours at weekends is completely different and it is between 6 am to 10 am and in the evening it is between 3 pm to 7 pm. 

The best road trips from Reading

There are a lot of places where road trips are possible from Reading. Our car rental Reading service is providing this option to customers. For this, you have to select the required destination to visit from Reading then we will help you to explore places. 

Stanlake park wine estate 

This place is about 16 minutes away from Reading. This place is perfect to visit for heaving relaxed afternoon with a group. For visiting this place, you don't need to wait for a special occasion. At this place, you can learn all about English wines. 

Dinton pastures country park 

This park is about 12 minutes away from Reading. If you are looking for such a trip that is only a stone's throw away, then this country park is ideal for the best day trips. There are no extra charges to visit but you can burn a penalty of calories while exploring this place. In summers, the park is boosting adventure sports. 


This place is only 20 minutes away from Reading by car. Moreover, if you admire afternoon thrifting then this place is the best to visit. Furthermore, Wokingham is providing a relaxing afternoon with various advantages. This place contains boasting cafes, charity shops, restaurants, stores and Waterstones. Therefore, it is the best place to enjoy and eat. 


This place is also only 20 minutes away from Reading. But this place is more astonishing than Wokingham. Moreover, if you wanted to spend quality time, Bracknell is the ideal place to visit with your friends. Use our cheap car rental Reading and enjoy the best moments of your life at this spot. 


It is one of the interesting places for a road trip from Reading. This place is only 20 minutes away from the car. Moreover, if you wanted to enjoy the best boat service by having a drink in your hand then you are at the best place. Whenever you are on a trip then you can enjoy a couple of services at this place. During summers the weather is quite pleasant and you can spend a peaceful time with your family and friends. 

Beale Wildlife Park 

If you are interested in exploring wildlife then this park is only 20 minutes away from the city. In that place, there are tons of animals that are waiting for you at the park. The ticket price for each person is only £36.00 for an adult. Therefore, you can find peace and pleasure time at this park. 

Basildon Park 

Another interesting park to visit on a road trip from Reading. If you are using a car then this park is only 21 minutes away from the city. If you have visited this place then don't forget the map of this place. Through this, you can visit all your favourite places located at this location. 


This place is a little bit far from Reading but still reachable by car and it is 34 minutes away. If you wanted to spend a whole day trip then don't forget to visit this place. This place is full of facilities and makes your trip memorable. All restaurants and cafes have a reasonable price menu, therefore, you don't need more money to spend. Furthermore, there are a lot of ways to navigate this town. 


This place is just about 25 minutes away by train and 48 minutes by car. This trip is only valuable for those who wanted to explore the place and also check out various things. Overall, this place is quite amazing to explore for the students and also other people. 

Free2move car rental service is providing customers with various facilities on the road trip to these places. Therefore, if you are interested in any road trip then contact us through a webpage or smartphone application. 


Exploring reading is not an easy task without car rental Reading because we have a team of professionals. Therefore, we will guide you and provide you with comprehensive facilities.