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Car Rental Leeds

Are you tired of being at home and want a getaway to a modern cosmopolitan city in a beautiful historical setting? Summer is the right time to pay a visit to one of the most famous and beautiful cities in England that is Leeds. Leeds is famous for its glorious past and Victorian-era historical buildings. Leeds is a hub of music and culture. Leeds is a hub of luxury brands and the budget market. 

If you want to explore the history of Leeds, you need a rented car so that you can travel all across the city. You can rent a car through Car Rental Leeds which has been working for quite a long time to provide facilities to the people who wish to travel. 

However, you should not worry at all if you are arriving in the city by air or road. Our rental services are accessible in all of Leeds’s communities, each of which has its own culture. You can go to any of our vehicle rental locations, where the knowledgeable staff will be able to better assist you and address your questions.

The Car Renting Process

We truly work for the convenience of both clients and employees, and for that reason, we have modified our car rental process. We have tried to make things simpler for those who wish to use our services or who are traveling via the airport or other means. The new approach entails having our rental service stations available at various intersections, making it simple for you to get to us if you are traveling by car. The major goal of this service is to keep travel times between different sites as short as feasible. 

In addition, we provide citywide shipping, which clients can arrange for themselves in accordance with their preferences. You don't need to do anything to make use of this service; all you need to do is get in touch with the leasing store, and you are ready to avail of this service.  By offering our clients high-quality services, we hope to make their lives easier.

Rental Cars Cleaning Process

To keep our promise of providing quality services, we have followed the necessary guidelines. For the security and safety of our clients, we adhere to all SOPs. For the protection of people and our clients, we have complied with all regulations. We have adhered to the charter of guidelines, which includes cleaning, sweeping, hovering, and sanitizing. Sanitizing is essential for both disinfection and to make our rental automobiles safer to travel in. In addition, we maintain the vehicles' functionality and do our utmost to keep them in the best possible condition for travel.

The Process of Extending or Cancelling a Reservation

As the world has become more dynamic as a result of technological breakthroughs, we have attempted to introduce some innovation in this field through technology. To save you from the trouble of having to travel alone to the closest outlet to book or cancel, we have made every effort to complete the procedure online via web and application. By just pressing a button on your smartphone, you may reserve and even change your plan. The second choice is to simply download our application to avail of all the services at a discounted rate, and enjoy a secure and enjoyable journey.

Car Rental Tips in Leeds

  • Leeds is one of the safest cities to drive to.  However, after the pandemic, the city has become congested. There is a rise in traffic after the pandemic. 

  • Like any other metropolitan area, there are prolonged traveling hours in Leeds because of congested traffic. Usually, the rush hours are from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and then again from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Just make sure to avoid these timings while or if not possible then try to avoid the main roads. 

  • The flow of traffic is heavy near uptown just try to avoid uptown during rush hours. 

  • While driving, it is prohibited to use a mobile phone or to read texts message. Otherwise, you can face a fine. 

  • Do not throw litter out of cars or you have to pay.

  • Drivers should not be crossing lanes or slow down while moving in or out of the lane without proper indication. Otherwise, there is a penalty that you have to pay. 

  • As Leeds is an industrial city,  riding is very common in the city. Therefore drivers and car owners must be cautious while driving. Always follow the rules and guidelines while driving in Leeds. 

  • You get a lower than average rate, Only if you reserve the car rental in Leeds two weeks before the actual trip. 

  • The car rental rates are 2% higher near the airport as compared to any other location. 

  • Car Rental Leeds is 25% less expensive than any other car type.

Free On-Street Parking in Leeds

  • Bath Road 

  • Kendal Road

  • Pilot Street

  • Whitelock Street

  • Balm Walk

  • Pleasant Street

  • Meynell Approach

Things to Consider Before Renting a Car 

  • One thing that must be ensured is to consistently examine and contrast the offers presented by various rental car providers.

  • Although Leeds offers other types of cars and of different brands, some of the rental businesses that sell vehicles include Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo, and Avis.

  • It is best to look for a rental car a few miles away from the airport. 

  • Try to take a taxi or a car from the airport because the fare is typically calculated based on where your pick-up location rather than where you are dropped off.

  • Always check with your airline's rewards program before your trip to Leeds because the airline offers a discount on rental car services.

  • Try to reserve a car early probably before two weeks of the trip to receive a discount and to take advantage of the greatest offers.

Things to do in Leeds

Leeds is a popular tourist destination, and the reason for its popularity is its cultural heritage and its rich history, especially Victorian history. If you cannot travel to the nearest destinations in the outskirts of Leeds, here are some places located in the center of the city where you can go in a rental car. 

  • Millennium Square

This square is a social hub in the center of Leeds. This square is surrounded by major landmarks including Town Hall, Leeds City Museum, and Leeds Civic Hall. This square holds special events on different occasions. This place is surrounded by different cafes and restaurants to give people an epic experience. 

  • Leeds Victoria Quarter 

The Victoria Quarter is a palace of luxury shopping.  This place is home to famous names including Harvey Nichols, Westwood, and Louis Vuitton. Even if you do not have to buy anything, you should pay a visit to Victoria Carter because of its marvelous architecture and some finest restaurants and cafes. 

  •  The Royal Armouries Museum 

This museum is home to military hardware.  In this museum, you can find different collections from the medieval era to the present times. The most famous part of the museum is the arena, where is a live re-enactment of different famous battles of all the times. This museum is the best attraction for kids. 

  • Leeds Corn Exchange 

Leeds Corn Exchange is yet another remarkable example of Victorian-era construction.  It is one of the very few exchanges in the UK which is still a place for shopping.  The things that are on sale include fashion, musical instruments, and homeware.

The Best Car Rental service in Leeds

Leeds is one of the prominent cities of England because of its cultural heritage, and nobody can imagine leaving Leeds without exploring some of the popular destinations. For that reason, you need a car so that you can travel all across the city without any worry. Free 2 move is one of the best car rental companies that is providing its services in this city for quite a long time. You can rent a car of your choice and as per your budget for a beautiful journey in Leeds. 


  • What is the average cost to rent a car in Leeds?

The average cost to rent a car in Leeds is $ 580 per day. 

  • What is the cheapest price for a rental car in Leeds?

The cheapest price for a rental car in Leeds is Vauxhall Corsa $170 per day. 

  • What is the most popular car rental type in Leeds?

The compact is the most booked rental car type in Leeds. 


Traveling is a part and parcel of life especially when you are in a foreign city. You are in need of a rental car so that you can explore places easily. You may now easily reserve a rental car thanks to the improved process because while traveling in a city, it is good to have a personal car instead of public transport. For our valuable customers, Car Rental Leeds offers a variety of unique discounts. You can look at the website to find special offers for last-minute summer vacations or business getaways.