Free2Move Collaborates with Uber

Unlimited mobility guaranteed with Free2Move and Uber’s collaboration

Carsharing is booming. In Germany alone, there are currently over 150 carsharing providers with 1.7 million registered users and the trend is growing. The providers are constantly adding vehicles to their fleets to meet the demand, and expanding their business areas so customers can also reach out-of-town destinations. Despite this unrestrained expansion, in practice, users are often confronted with the problem that they can’t find a suitable vehicle within walking distance. In the morning rush hour, commuters are looking for a car that will get them to work from the outskirts to the city center. In the evening, there are no more e-Scooters in many residential areas because the young people have driven into the nightlife districts of the city; if it rains on a Sunday afternoon, in some areas it is more difficult to find a car sharing vehicle than a taxi in New York.

Free2Move – Unlimited Mobility

The Berlin-based start-up Free2Move has set itself the ambitious goal of always offering its users the perfect solution for urban mobility. Free2Move is the largest carsharing platform in Germany and the USA and aggregates the offers of the most important carsharing providers in +30 cities across seven countries. Thanks to the financial support of the PSA Group, the company is fully equipped for expansion and is integrating new providers into the app every month. In the Free2Move app, users can easily compare the vehicles of all providers on the platform, plan trips and rent exactly the right vehicle for their needs.

Free2Move collaboration uber

Free2Move and Uber’s collaboration

Nevertheless, even Free2Move users face the dilemma of not being able to find a suitable vehicle at peak times. Although the risk is significantly lower by accessing multiple providers, it is not completely excluded. Now the company is taking the next logical step by adding another important element to its toolbox: ridesharing in cooperation with the brokerage service Uber. To achieve this, the app will display a button that allows the user to call a vehicle brokered by Uber.

“We want to give our users a mobility guarantee that fits the urban life of the 21st century” says Andreas Sujata, growth manager of Free2Move. “The cities are bursting and growing rapidly. Unfortunately, politics is often stuck in the mobility solutions of the 20th century. Through this cooperation with Uber, the Free2Move app will gain another important feature to fulfill the entire mobility needs of our users. The possibility to use ridesharing will enrich our carsharing app. I am personally pleased that we have now implemented this service after many requests from our users”, Sujata says. “With Free2Move and Uber, two innovation leaders in the field of mobility of the future are joining forces”, says Christoph Weigler, General Manager of Uber in Germany. “For all passengers who want to reach their destination reliably, cheaply and safely, this is very good news.”

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