Parke und Fliege Parkhaus (valet) (0)

 Premium package for cars (129 euros) 

and premium package SUV, minibus, off-road vehicle (149 euros)

Night surcharge between 22:00 and 06:00 = 20 euros

Service fees excl. costs): Charging service e-car (20 euros), 

refueling service (20 Euro), 

shopping service (20 Euro)

AU / TÜV service (50 euros), 

Workshop service (50 Euro)

Διεύθυνση στάθμευσης

Ida-Rhodes-Straße 5,, 64295 Darmstadt, DE


Unless otherwise agreed, vehicle pick-up and drop-off will take place

for Terminal 1 on the DEPARTURE LEVEL, Hall C, Door 7 (C7)

for Terminal 2 on the departures / arrivals level, Hall E, Door 8 (E8)


“To ensure maximum punctuality and security, please arrive at the airport/terminal at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure.

You call the airport HOTLINE 60 minutes before your scheduled arrival at the departure terminal.

You will be taken directly to the departures level in Terminal 1 or to the departures/arrivals level in Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport.

Vehicle reception: Our employee will be waiting for you at the departure terminal.

This is followed by a brief external vehicle check, noting down the mileage and handing over the keys.

Your vehicle will be taken safely to the 24-hour video-monitored and locked parking garage.

If payment has not been made via PayPal, credit card or direct debit, payment will be made on site in cash/EC card/credit card/PayPal by our staff.”

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Ωρες λειτουργίας

  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ
  • 12:00 ΠΜ - 11:59 ΜΜ


1 μέρα 134,45 €
$ {ημέρα} ημέρες 138,66 €
$ {ημέρα} ημέρες 142,02 €
$ {ημέρα} ημέρες 154,00 €
$ {ημέρα} ημέρες 161,00 €
$ {ημέρα} ημέρες 171,00 €

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