Jeep® Renegade with Free2move Start your adventure!

Informacije o obdelavi osebnih podatkov Vaše podatke smo upoštevali, naša ekipa vas bo kontaktirala v najkrajšem možnem času. Prišlo je do napake, poskusite znova pozneje 😕
Jeep Renegade

5 seats

  • Plug-in Hybrid
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact, easy to park in the city

Jeep® Renegade exclusively with Free2move

A woman is using her smartphone to unlock a Jeep Renagate


Self-service cars

  • Need to get around town at any time?
  • Carsharing available in Paris, Madrid and the USA

Our Solution

  • 100% mobile, you control everything from your smartphone
  • Parking is free with Free2move!
  • Carsharing by the minute: pay only for what you drive.
Interior view of a Jeep Renagate

Short Term Rental

Rent from one day to one month

  • Need a car for a long weekend or to go on vacation?
  • Rent a Jeep® vehicle for the duration of your choice and according to your needs

Our Solution

  • 100% digital, compare and book your vehicle directly on the site or in the app
  • Recent and regularly maintained vehicles available 24/7
  • 3 drivers included at no extra cost
Car On Demand


Car On Demand: rent without commitment

  • Need flexibility and the ability to change at any time?
  • Select the vehicle of your choice and get a free quote

Our Solution

  • Insurance, maintenance, assistance, 7/7 included
  • Formula with or without commitment of duration
  • Delivery and recovery at the desired address
A black Jeep Renagate

Long term rental

Lease Jeep®

  • Need a vehicle without worrying about resale?
  • Choose the car of your choice and subscribe

Our Solution

  • All inclusive: delivery, maintenance and assistance 7/7
  • Wide choice of new and recent vehicles
  • Tailor-made commitment period: 12/24/48 months

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