Leeds Bradford Long Stay - Park Mark® (0)


10 Whitehouse Lane, Leeds Bradford LS19 7TU, GB


Pull up to the car park's entrance barrier and your car registration will be recognised and the barrier will lift to let you in. If your car registration plate is not recognised please hold your barcode? ?located top right of this booking confirmation just below the reader. When your barcode has been successfully scanned, the scanner will beep to confirm and the barrier will rise allowing you to enter.

If you need any assistance just press the call button which can be found on all entry or exit barriers at the car park.

You can drive into the car park and pick a free space. Once you've parked, follow signs to catch the car park's bus to the terminal. It runs when it's needed and takes 4 minutes. Skis, bikes, surfboards, canoes and other large objects that won't fit into the luggage racks can't be carried on the transfer buses.