French Voiturier & Co (46)

Premium valet service

On the day of your departure from Marseille Provence airport:

Once you have booked your valet parking, you can meet your valet on the day of your departure from MARSEILLE PROVENCE airport, directly at the drop-off point in your departure terminal.

Our valets, all friendly and rigorous, have at least 5 years' experience of driving and parking top-of-the-range vehicles.

French Voiturier & Co offers you an experienced valet service at Marseille airport at a very competitive rate.

Discover all the highlights of our valet service:

Quick and easy: By opting for our drop-off service, you won't have to search desperately for a parking space before your flight.

A reasonable price: We offer you excellent value for money thanks to our sliding scale of charges according to the length of your reservation.

Less hassle: after your often long and tiring return flight, don't waste time looking for your car or waiting for a shuttle or taxi. Your valet will be there with your car in front of the arrivals hall, so you can drive straight home without wasting any time.

Parkolási cím

13127 vitrolles, FR


call 30 minutes before arrival at the departure drop-off point.

10 euro per additional hour of delay after 00:00