Park Time Köln - Shuttle Service (446)

Stop for outbound flight, and pickup on arrival, is the bus terminal on arrival Terminal 2 D

The prices are valid for up to and including 3 persons.

    person, an additional payment of 5.00 euros is payable. 2.

2. 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 suitcase per customer is included in the price,

    for all additional pieces of luggage 5,00 Euro per piece have to be paid.

3. the stated arrival times must be observed with a maximum delay of 15 minutes.

    For all delays exceeding this, an additional payment of 5.00 euros is to be made.

Dirección del aparcamiento

Poll Vingster Strasse 124, 51105 Köln Poll, DE


  1. Please call us 30 minutes before arrival at the parking lot and mention that you are a TravelCar customer.
  2. 3 persons transfer free of charge, each additional person 5€.
  3. 1 suitcase 1 hand luggage free of charge, each wide luggage 5, no
  4. bulky luggage possible
  5. Drive into the parking lot and park your vehicle according to the parking attendant's instructions. Leave your keys at the reception.
  6. The shuttle bus will then be ready for you to board.
  7. The shuttle bus will take you to your departure terminal comfortably and stress-free. 
  8. The route takes on average only 9 minutes
  9. Note: try to be at the parking lot at least 2 hours before your departure.
  10. Airport entry/exit fee of 10,00 Euro