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Rent our vehicles for a few minutes, hours, or days

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With the Free2move Mobility Hub, you have the choice:

Rent our vehicles for a few minutes, hours, days or months.

How does it work?

Step 1
I download the Free2move app on my smartphone, then create an account by uploading my ID
Step 2
I reserve the vehicle I need, among those available around me. I have 15-30 minutes to retrieve it and open it in one click thanks to the app. Let’s go !
Step 3
I park on street, in a paid parking space: it's free with Free2move! To run an errand and keep the car, I simply lock it.
Step 4
To finish my rental, nothing could be simpler: I leave the keys in the glove box and lock the car with the app.

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the Free2move app and create an account.
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the vehicle closest to you and book it directly with the app.
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to your destination in 1 click. Open and close the vehicle with your smartphone!

Our vehicles

Turn-key solution

100% mobile
Clean and loaded vehicles
Rates and subscriptions adapted to your needs

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