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Car Rental in Indianapolis 

Indianapolis which is the capital city of state of Indiana and it is known for its picturesque features. The city is famous for its mesmerizing views and captivating scenery which is why most of the people travel to Indiana for perfect summery holidays. Do you have any plans to visit Indianapolis or are you in Indianapolis? Surely, when you are traveling for whatever purpose, you need a car so that you can travel without any obstruction of conveyance. 

For that reason, car rental in Indianapolis is providing rented cars to people for safe and easy traveling across the picturesque city. Car rental in Indianapolis is one of the best and its outlets or service stations are available at different locations from where you can pick any car of your choice and as per your budget. 

It does not matter if you want to travel from your house to the airport or from Indianapolis International Airport which is located seven miles south west in downtown of Indianapolis in Marion County, to your house or any other desired location, you are in need of car to cover the distance. You can always reach to car rental in Indianapolis to make your journey hassle free.

Nevertheless, if you are arriving in the city through other means, you do not need to be worried at all. You can avail the services of car rental in Indianapolis, no matter in which town you are. Indianapolis has different towns and each town has its unique culture, and our rental services are available in all towns of this magnificent city.  You can visit any of our car rental outlets, which have experienced employees who can guide you better and solve your queries related to the process of renting. 

Car Rental Process 

We have also tried to bring some innovation in car rental process for the ease of customers and employees both. One of the primary motivations for making this adjustment in the rental procedure is to make things easier for customers who wish to use our services. The new strategy entails the location of our renting service station at various traffic signals so that you can quickly reach us if you are travelling by road. The primary goal of this service is to keep the distance as small as feasible.

Apart from that, we also provide shipping services within the city, which customers can arrange according to their preferences and needs. You don't have to do much to take advantage of this service; all you have to do is contact our leasing store, and you're good to go.

The process of cleaning and sanitizing 

Cleanliness is our priority for the car renting service in Indianapolis.  We have followed all the guidelines that are required for the safety of people and our customers. Keeping into consideration the present situation of safety, health and safety guidelines according to travel restriction because of Covid-19. We have tried our best to follow the charter of safety guidelines which includes cleaning, sweeping, hovering, and sanitizing. Sanitizing is a must for disinfection and to save travel in our rented cars. In addition, we always make sure that the car is in the best condition so that there is no problem for the customer and to wish them a safe travel. 

The process of booking and cancelling a reservation 

We are aware of the happenings of different things that can alter one’s mind and program both. Keeping in consideration this thing, we have tried to bring a modification in the process of booking and cancelling while following the trend of digital world. The process of canceling and booking a reservation for rented car is quite easy. You can reserve your seats and can even delay it by just clicking on your smart phone. You can either go to our webpage for making any changes in reservation or to book or cancel. The second option is simply download our application, and avail all the options.  There is also a refund policy for the customers and pre-paid option for a hassle free journey.

Car Rental Tips and traffic hours in Indianapolis 

  • According to the American Transportation research institute, Indianapolis has one of the worst traffic among many other cities of USA. 

  • Indianapolis is also known for having sharp curves that even cause deadliest accidents. While driving in Indianapolis, try to avoid those sharp turns. Some of the most heavily travelled and frustrated turns are: The I-65/I-70 South Split and I-465 and I-69. 

  • Highway 60 is also known as the death row. It is about 60 miles long and has two lane roads that pass through Lawrence County and ends in Sellersburg. 

  • The rush hour starts at 7:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm. Between these hours, there are certain hours that have relatively less traffic as compared to the peak hours so do not forget to keep these things at your fingertips. 

  • If you are on morning commute Indianapolis, try your best to avoid the following streets because these streets are congested with traffic. These streets are North Meridan Street, East Washington street, North Shade land Avenue, East 82nd street, West 82nd street and Madison Avenue. 

  • 38th Street and High school road is highly populated intersection and it is right off l-165. This street has five lanes of traffic that are going to or coming away from the interstate. The lines have become faded and it is quite tough to identify lines without marking. 

  • Madison Avenue and stop 11 road is full of grocery stores, pharmaceutical stores and gas stations. The intersection of this road has up to four lanes of traffic with fading sign boards that are tough to read. 

Parking in Indianapolis 

  • In the downtown Indianapolis, free parking is available at metered spaces between 11 pm to 7 am. 

  • In Indianapolis, there are two on-street zones. One is meters that is located in the heart of downtown area, and the working hours are from 7 am to 9 pm, and charge $ 1.50 per hour. 

  • Meters located outside the downtown Indianapolis, they work through Mondays to Saturdays from 7 am to 8 pm and charge $ 1.0 per hour. 

  • In Indianapolis, street parking is free on every Sunday and national holidays including Christmas. 

Best Parking Lots in Indianapolis 

  • White River State Park Parking Garage

  • City Park Garage

  • Huntington Plaza Garage

  • Blue lot 

  • 135 E Market St parking 

  • Merchants Garage

  • Circle Block Garage

Best Car Renting Service in Indianapolis 

While your stay in the chic city of sceneries, you surely want to have a good time while exploring the city. You can explore the city with car renting service in Indianapolis. You do not have to go the outlet physically as the process can be done via online means. 

Things to consider while renting a car 

  • Before renting a car make sure to check the prices of all renting services, and select as per your budget. 

  • Always check the condition of car before renting, in case of scratches and other things so that you are not responsible for those scratches. 

  • Always try to reserve the car early so that you can avail discount. 

  • The thing you can do for exciting offers is that join a reward loyalty program with a car rental company that will help you to gain points resulting in perks. 

  • One the worst thing to do is to look for rented cards right outside the airport because rates are relatively higher there. 

  • Try to take a taxi outside the airport because charges are calculated depending on pick up location not the drop off location. 

  • If you are arriving in Indianapolis by air, make sure to stay updated with airport reward loyalty program which offers discount for renting car services. 

Best Road trips from Indianapolis 

  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

What can be more beautiful to be high in the sky and look at the steep mountains while riding an alpine coaster, or to walk in the gigantic replica of Titanic? Pigeon forge is one of the best family spot which is only 391 miles away from Indianapolis and the travel time is 5h 55m. 

  • Put in Bay, Ohio

If you are in Indianapolis, you should definitely go there. It is a tropical getaway in the middle of Lake Erie just off the shore of northern Ohio. You can take a ferry to the island can enjoy the live music and other things. It is 276 miles away from Indianapolis with travel time of 4h 51m. 


What is the average cost of renting a car in Indianapolis?

The average cost to rent a car in Indianapolis is $146 per day. 

What is the cheapest cost of renting a car in Indianapolis?

The cheapest rental car cost in Indianapolis is Ford Fiesta $36 per day.

What is the most popular renting car type in Indianapolis?

SUV is the most popular rental car type in Indianapolis. 


It is best to have a renting car in Indianapolis while travelling to have good experience. Car rental in Indianapolis works to provide its quality services in the city of adventures.