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Car Rental in Charlotte 

Do you have any plans to visit Queen City in the summer to make your holidays memorable? Do you want to visit because you are tired of your dull and drab routine? Charlotte is one of the famous cities of North Carolina that is known for its renowned places including Amusement parks, Ramsey Creek Park, Mint Museum Uptown, NASCAR hall of fame, South Park Mall, and Independence Park. The reason behind the popularity of Charlotte is that it gives a small-town vibe or more precisely gives a small village while living in a residential area. 

However, if you want to explore the city, you must hire a rental car so that you can travel to every corner of the city without any hurdles. 

With a car rental in Charlotte, you can explore from amusement parks to museums, from museums to different malls, from malls to green spaces and national parks, and many educational and history centers that are surely a treat for eyes, brains, and souls. 

If you want to travel from your doorstep to the airport or from Charlotte Douglas International airport to any other destination, you can hire any rented car through Car rental in Charlotte. The rental service is available all across the city near the airport and at different locations for your ease. 

However, if you are traveling to the city by other means, you do not need to be concerned. Car rental services are available in Charlotte regardless of the fact that you are residing somewhere away from the main town. This city has a variety of municipalities, each with its characteristics, and our rental services are available in all of them. You can go to any of our vehicle rental locations, which have knowledgeable workers that can better assist you and answer your questions.

Car Renting Process 

We have changed the process of hiring cars for rent to make it easier for both consumers and employees. One of the main reasons for making this modification in the rental procedure is to make things easier for customers who wish to use our services or who are traveling by plane or other ways. The new strategy entails the location of our renting service station at various traffic signals so that you can quickly reach us if you are traveling by road. The major goal of this service is to keep the distance between different sites as short as feasible.

Aside from that, we also provide shipping services within the city, which customers can arrange according to their preferences and needs. To make use of this service, you do not have to do much, you just need to go to the leasing store and you can get all the details related to that to avail of this service. 

Important Cleanliness Guidelines that we follow

We follow all the SOPs for the safety and protection of our customers. We have followed all the guidelines that are required for the safety of people and our customers. Keeping into consideration the present situation of safety, health and safety guidelines according to travel restrictions, we have followed the charter of guidelines which includes cleaning, sweeping, hovering, and sanitizing. Sanitizing is a must for disinfection and to save travel in our rented cars. Apart from that we also take care of the working condition of the cars and try our best to keep them in the best condition for traveling. 

The process of booking and canceling a reservation 

Canceling and booking a rental car is a simple and rather very straightforward process that is easy to use. You may reserve and even postpone your seats by just clicking a button on your smartphone. You can either go to our website to make changes, reserve or cancel your reservation. The second option is to just download our app and take advantage of all of its features and can even get different offers and discounted prices.  For a stress-free journey, customers can also take advantage of a refund policy and a pre-paid alternative.

Car Rental Tips in Charlotte for driving 

  • Like any other metropolitan area, there are prolonged traveling hours in Charlotte because of congested traffic. Usually, the rush hours are from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and then again from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Just make sure to avoid these timings while or if not possible then try to avoid the main roads. 

  • The flow of traffic is heavy near uptown just try to avoid uptown during rush hours. 

  • Here are some of the most congested areas during traffic hours and that includes Charlotte town Eve, Providence road, East John Belk, Kenilworth Ave, Stonewall street, Queens Road, East More Heads Street, Kings Dive, East Seventh Street, North Caswell road, and Pecan Ave. 

  • While driving, it is prohibited to use a mobile phone or to read texts message. Otherwise, you can face a fine of $ 100. 

  • Do not throw litter out of cars or you have to pay $ 200. 

  • Drivers should not be crossing lanes or slow down while moving in or out of the lane without proper indication. Otherwise, there is a penalty of up to $ 250. 

How to Navigate Charlotte traffic?

Some of the tips you can consider while driving in Charlotte are to avoid traffic.

  • Charlotte rush hour is mostly in the morning from 7:30 to 9:00 am and in the evening from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. So, if you can stay out of roads or the main routes during these hours, then you can save yourself from getting stuck in traffic. Fridays from 4 pm to 6 pm should be avoided. 

  • Research before going out on roads and look for alternative roads so that you can take them in case of heavy traffic or unexpected events like construction. 

  • To avoid traffic like a pro, always use a traffic navigating app as it can best guide you about populated areas with traffic.

Parking in Charlotte 

  • It sounds unrealistic but free parking is available in the uptown area, although in the heart of town but free parking is available in some areas including first and Fourth wards.

  • Parking in uptown Charlotte is relatively cheaper than parking in downtown Charlotte. 

  • Daily rates may vary from location to location and they can be as low as $ 5 and as high as $ 20 for one day. Do not forget to check multiple locations before parking. 

  • The monthly fee for parking ranges from $ 40 to $ 160. 

  • Most of the metered spots offer parking for free on weekends. 

  • Parking at Center City metered spaces is free of cost somedays on weekdays and always on weekends. 

Best Parking Spaces in Charlotte 

  • Center City Green Park Deck 

  • 7Th Street Station Green Parking Garage 

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Library 

  • LYNX Arena Station 

  • The Green 

  • Preferred Parking Service 

  • Laz Parking 

  • 7Th Street Lynx Station 

Best Renting Car service in Charlotte 

The city of Charlotte is known for its calmness and serenity that needs to be perfectly enjoyed in slow driving. With a renting car through renting car service in Charlotteyou can enjoy and make your evenings and morning drive perfect along the grassy road. You can visit the nearest outlet to find a car as per your taste and budget. Free 2 move is always active to provide its services in Charlotte.

Some of the important things to consider to rent a car in Charlotte 

  • One thing that needs to be made sure is that always compare and contrast different deals provided by different renting car companies. 

  • Some of the cars that are being provided by Rental companies include Hertz, National, Enterprise, Alamo, and Avis, however, Charlotte also offers other brands of cars as well. 

  • The best thing is to look for a rental car outside the airport. 

  • Try to take a taxi or car from the airport because the charges are usually from the pickup location not from the drop-off location. 

  • When you are traveling to Charlotte, make sure to check with the airline reward program because the airline offers a discount for rental car services. 

  • Try to reserve early to get a discount and to avail best deals. 

  • You can pick up the rental car at any location near any landmark or near the airport.

  • You can join a reward loyalty program with a car rental company so that you can earn points that you can use to gain perks. Joining the car rental company is free of cost


What is the average cost of renting a car in Charlotte?

The average cost to rent a car in Charlotte is $150 per day. 

What is the cheapest cost of renting a car in Charlotte?

The cheapest rental car cost in Charlotte is Fiat 500 $ 26 per day.

What is the most popular renting car type in Charlotte?

SUV is the most popular rental booked car type in Charlotte.


To have a good experience of traveling and working both in the modern classical city of Charlotte having a rented car is a must. And car rental in Charlotte can solve this problem to have quality time.