Life's Too Short for Bad Trips

life is too short

As an app that moves people around their cities, we love to hear your stories about how we got you out of a sticky situation, helped you on moving day, or even just saved you from getting soaked on a rainy day. Because let’s be honest… life’s just too short not to get where you want to go. So here are some of our favourite stories from Free2Move users that warmed our hearts. Keep an eye out on Berlin’s U-Bahn for more #lifestooshort moments, and share yours on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #lifestooshort!

Checking the time 15 times won’t make the train come faster.


“My girlfriend and I hadn’t been together very long when her birthday came around… and I had to go on a business trip out of town. I told her I was gutted to miss her party and although she said it was fine I knew she was sad I wasn’t going to be there. So I managed to move a few meetings around and fly back on the afternoon of her birthday and surprise her at her dinner! I’ve never been a hugely romantic guy but I have to say it was really fun to imagine her face when I’d walk through the door. I was texting her best friend who I’d let in on my plan to stall the birthday cheers until I got there. The second my plane landed I booked a car from Schönefeld Airport to drive across town to the restaurant, which would have taken 20 minutes longer on public transport at that time. I felt like such a Casanova! I got to the restaurant just in time for her friends to sing happy birthday. And yeah, the expression on her face was definitely worth it!”

Blind date sucks? We’ve got your getaway ride.


“In the world of online dating a good rule to follow is that you win some, you lose some. So a few months ago when I walked into a bar to meet this guy with whom I’d been chatting for a few days and decided to meet, I was hopefully optimistic. He seemed funny from his messages and looked cute in his pictures, so it couldn’t be that bad, could it? Well, it could. The moment I saw him I knew I wasn’t attracted to him – but at least I could hope for a nice conversation right? Nope. We were completely lost in translation – I couldn’t understand him through his thick accent, and he didn’t get any of my jokes. Not a single one. But we really hit the low point when I asked him if he had any siblings and he said “No.” and then we sat there for what felt like an eternity without speaking. Halfway through my small Apfelschorle I was desperate: neither of us was enjoying ourselves and it was so awkward I almost cracked up laughing. So, when he went to the bathroom I checked out which was the closets vehicles on my Free2Move app and quickly booked the first car I found right outside the bar. When he came back I thanked him for meeting up and that I just got a call from my friend that I needed to pick her up, and in two minutes I was out of there! Not my proudest moment, but I laughed all the way home from that godawful evening and blasted music on the sound system. So, in the end, the worst date turned out to be one of the funniest!”

Give your fleamarket finds a ride home.

“Last summer I’d just moved into my first apartment in Berlin with absolutely zero furniture. The flat came with a bed and kitchen and some storage space, so after a few days of unpacking it was starting to feel livable, but it was still missing something to make it feel like home. My new colleagues told me about a great flea market in Friedrichshain where I might be able to find some treasures at good prices. And did I ever! The following Saturday I went to Boxhagener Platz bright and early and found a beautiful old armchair that looked exactly like one my grandparents used to have. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. And at €50 it was just in my budget after handing over all my money to the landlord as my deposit. But… how the hell do you get a huge chair across town in a new city! I called my colleague asking for help and they told me to download Free2Move. A few minutes later I was signed up with 3 carsharing accounts and booked a 5-seater car just around the corner. The seller helped me load my beloved new chair into the car, and soon I was driving home with it. Of course, my neighbors still had to help me carry the goddamn thing up 4 flights of stairs… Now my flat definitely feels a lot more like home though.”

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