Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Official Airport Parking P5 (6314)

Dirección del aparcamiento

Aéroport Lyon-Saint Exupéry BP113, 69125 Lyon-Saint Exupéry Aéroport, FR


  1. The Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Official Airport parking P5 is located on the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport area directly. To reach the terminals, you can use the free shuttle system available 24/7:
      - every 10 to 15 minutes from 4.15am to 11.15pm
      - every 20 minutes from 11.15pm to 4.15pm.
  2. The P5 parking is divided into 4 islets that have names to find their way easily (Dakar / Dublin, Calvi, Berlin, Agadir). The names of the shuttles stops corresponding to those of the islets.
  3. The car park is outdoor and accessible 24/7.
  4. Parking P5 is recommended for parking with a duration of 3 to 90 days.
  5. This car park is provided by the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport Official Parking.
    ** Entering your license plate number will allow you to access the car parks more quickly and simply via an automatic plate reading system at the entrance and exit of the car park. Feel free to inquire!

    1. If you have entered your license plate number when booking on TravelCar, you simply have to go to the car park entrance, the barrier will open automatically with the simple recognition of your plate.
    2. If not, or if your plate is not recognized, scan the barcode (or QR code) of your TravelCar confirmation email on the input terminal. You can scan it via your smartphone with maximum brightness or paper version. Keep the TravelCar confirmation email until the end of your trip.
    3. An additional 30 minute tolerance is granted before the check-in time indicated on your booking. Beyond this, access is subject to conditions and entails a surcharge.
    4. If the car park is indicated "complete", your booking allows you to access it anyway.