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Car Rental in Southampton

Are you going to visit Southampton on your vacation?  Then it’s a perfect place to spend your precious time with us. Moreover, Southampton is providing a lot of variety with various beautiful locations where you can spend your time in joy. 

If you are an extreme traveller and wanted to eat one of the best meals in Southampton then you can find a lot of them at this place. 

With a car rental in Southampton, you can easily visit various famous places in this city at a quite low price. We are providing you with a rental automobile that will help you to visit different fascinating locations in this city. If you are a football fan then we are providing services to St Mary’s stadium. 

In Southampton, there is a lot of car rental Southampton sites. You need to take the location of the whole city and also the airport. 


It is not possible to visit all locations on your own in Southampton, you must need a tourist. But we have a car rental in Southampton where you can get a tour and a car to visit various places in his city. Furthermore, if you rent a car to visit the Southampton airport then you can easily rent a car. You can hire a vehicle from us at rent without any extra charges. 

If you are visiting Southampton from another transport then we have expanded our services throughout the city. It means you can easily take cheap car rentals from any place you wanted. After this, just visit any famous place in Southampton where you can enhance your experience. The main reason is that we have a team that is advanced and give quality and efficient services to our customers. 

Car rental process 

If you wanted to select the car hire Southampton then just consider the methodology for defending customers and staff. Due to this, there is the utilization of roadside rentals at various places. By using our services, you can easily get to any place in Southampton at a fast rate by avoiding traffic. 

 Moreover, our car rental Southampton is also providing shipment and it is provided at various car rental places in England. For getting its access just notify the leasing office. Our team is focusing on maintaining a respectable distance from all procedures 

Steps were taken to clean rental cars 

All rental vehicles of the company are cleaned through the comprehensive smooth commitment. It is involved in hoovering, cleaning, sanitizing, and sweeping according to the health authority standards by giving special attention to more than 20 great moments. This commitment is also extended to our rental car service. 

Extend, modify or cancel reservations 

On Free2move car rental webpage or smartphone application are providing you with complete information regarding the service. Therefore, you can easily change or withdraw your bookings. Furthermore, our car rental Southampton has also established a no-fee refund policy to include such clients that have reserved all pre-paid rentals to our company. You can easily use a smartphone application to select and remove the service to gain an advantage. 

Car rental tips in Southampton 

  • It can be noted that Southampton is a busy city and peak hours are an unforeseen part of life. On the other hand, it cannot be decreased because of daily routine. In Southampton, the rush hour timing in the morning is between 7 am to 9 am and in the evening it is from 4 pm to 7 pm. To avoid rush hours, the Northern bridge and Cobden bridge can be beneficial to use. 

  • The next important benefit of car rental in Southampton city is that all far places can be available easily. You just have to select the location from the map then our service will facilitate you. There are some places in Southampton where public rides are more beneficial than our car rental service will take you to the nearest public transport and also pick from it after use. Therefore, you can get ease and comfort from our service. 

  • Riding a bike is common in Southampton. Therefore, it is important for the car owners to check their mirrors and then open the door otherwise, any rider can show up. 

  • A lot of visitors in Southampton are discovering car rentals in Southampton for about £40 or less. 

  • If you want a car rental service at a low rate compared with the average rate, then you have to book the trip one week before the visit. You can also get various offers while using our rental service. 

  • Our car rental service is about 25% cheaper than other rental services in Southampton.

Parking in Southampton

Southampton is a developed city and it contains a lot of parking lots. From them, the most famous and huge parking lots include Albion Place car park and college street car park. These parking lots contains more than 400 parking space. 

Moreover, there are a lot of parking lots, and metering systems located in Southampton. They are accepting accommodation, and credit cards. By using our smartphone application you can easily pay the parking rent. 

Traffic in Southampton 

On weekends, the peak hours will be between 6 am to 10 am. Also, during the day the traffic flow is congested but traffic jam occurs only sometimes in this city. 

The best road trips from Southampton


If you are interested in unique history, then there are few places where you can float your boat in Salisbury. This city contains a lot of restaurants, cafes, creative galleries and museums. This place is also in striking distance from the famous Stonehenge. You can visit there in an hour and it is in the northwest of Southampton through the A27.

New Forest and Beaulieu 

If you are interested in nature then this place is only 20 minutes away from Southampton. For this just take A33/A35. This place contains endless brownie points where you can spend your precious time and enjoy nature while riding between the villages. 

Hayling island 

If you like the seaside, then Hayling island has the best seaside because it is offering a lot of offers for everyone. You can spend a good time with your friends and family because it contains many facilities to entertain. Through M27, Hayling island is only 40 minutes away from Southampton. 

South Downs 

It is one of the most beautiful national parks in England because it contains many eye-poppingly beautiful sights in its 1627 square kilometres area. Moreover, it is also a photogenic area where you can capture a lot of snaps. You have to drive to the South Downs from Southampton and it is only 1 hour away through A272. 

Isle of wight 

This place contains homes of the famous artists. Moreover, this place is right across the Solent from Southampton. You can get there by car or also ferries. At that place, Queen Victoria's home is worth visiting. Also, it contains various restaurants where you can relax and spend a good time with your friends and families. By taking the A3054 south, then this place is 2 hours away from Southampton.

North Wessex Downs 

If you wanted to explore the outstanding natural beauty then this place is the best option. This place contains brilliant sceneries that are filled with prehistoric attractions. You can easily get there from Southampton through M3 and A34 which will take only 30 minutes to reach this beautiful place. 

The Solent coastline 

This place is considered the best for seaside lovers. It contains the best scenic sight. Moreover, if you wanted to spend a good time, then this place is perfect. Also, you don't need to plan for visiting something special. This place is only one hour away from Southampton via A32 and M27.  

West Meon 

It is a small but perfect Hampshire village that is filled with characterful whitewashed buildings and thatched roofs. At that place, you can try various things like aerial archery and enjoy the lovely views. You can get to this place through B3035 from Southampton.

Test valley 

This place is extremely beautiful and attractive. Further, it is offering a treasure trove of delights that is unlocked during road trips. Also, it contains a lot of bucolic roads. It also contains a 44-mile test valley way. You can easily visit this place by taking M3 and A30 from Southampton and it is only 45 minutes away. 


It is an old town where a lot of heritage places are present. This place contains Roman townhouses that are increasing the attraction level of this place. This place is about 1 and half hours away from Southampton through A31. 

Free2move car rental service is providing tons of services if you are interested in visiting these locations. You can easily book trips from a smartphone application and then be ready to visit these places and spend the ideal time of your trip. 


Visiting Southampton is the best decision for summer vacations because of its vital places. Moreover, our car rental service can give you a lot of facilities to visit any place by just booking it through a smartphone application. We have a specialized team who can provide various services that are only some clicks away.