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Car Rental Birmingham 

In this blazing heat of summer, one surely wants to move away from the hometown. Summer is one of the pleasant seasons of the year, in which one can visit some of the famous cities in the UK and can have a good time. Birmingham which is the city of thousand trades is one of the most famous cities in the UK that deserves to be visited and appreciated. 

With a rented car through Car Rental Birmingham, you can discover the various parts of the city as this city is said to be the home of heavy metal. Birmingham has been the chief city of Britain's light and medium industry. The key to Birmingham's economic success is its industrial base which is concerned with engineering and metal trade. 

Birmingham is one of the greenest cities in the UK and it is also the city in which the anchor of the titanic was made. Its art galleries are a treat for art and painting lovers as the galleries are full of the finest paintings that can captivate a human. In this city, all the year, 50 different festivals are being celebrated. So there is a high possibility that you may visit the city during the days of festivity which can double the fun. Apart from that Birmingham allows us to have a look at the glorious past, and gives a subtle view of the rise of the era of industrialization back in the 18th century. 

You can pick a rental car from the station that is near to your location or near the airport. You do not have to go to a specific branch of a car rental station to get things done. 

The Process of Car Rental 

One of the simplest tasks is renting an automobile overall. We have also made an effort to use technology to improve some aspects of the procedure. The only thing that can simplify the procedure overall is the use of technology in the era of digitalization.  We have modified the process because we believe that more individuals can readily contact us in this way. You can contact us at any moment as a first step in the car rental process. There are numerous sites throughout the city where you may find our vehicle rental stations. Therefore, you don't have to travel very far to rent a car. Through our website, you can also rent a vehicle. In order to enable people to move freely, Free 2 Move is working to make the process simple and inventive.

The Process of Booking and Cancellation 

We firmly believe in offering our esteemed clients high-quality services. The transition to technology and digitalization can be advantageous for the process of bringing about change and making it easier while taking the constraint of maintaining distance into consideration. If you're in Birmingham and want to rent a car through car rental Birmingham, you can easily reserve the vehicle by visiting our website and contacting us through our mobile application. Both Android and iOS users can download the app. The smartphone application has a wide range of alternatives and offers reduced pricing for all the cars, providing customers an advantage so they may move from one historical location to an art gallery or museum or the book lovers can visit one of the biggest libraries in Birmingham. 

You may now rent a car virtually with just one click, eliminating the need to physically visit a car rental facility. Another thing is that we have optimized our website for mobile devices so you may book or reserve a car without having to open a laptop.

The Guidelines that we follow for sanitization 

We are aware of the concerns of people with regard to travel safety and cleanliness. In addition, we also believe that cleanliness is the most crucial factor out of all the factors. The security of our customers and employees is a top priority. Since COVID-19, the importance of cleanliness has increased. In response, we have buckled our seat belts and paid particular attention to adhering to all international standards for safety and cleanliness. To ensure there are no chances of contracting any germs, cleanliness comprises cleaning, mopping, and sanitizing. In addition, we put a lot of effort into keeping the car in good shape so that clients can travel long distances without experiencing any problems.

Car Rental Tips in Birmingham 

  • It doesn’t matter which country are you visiting, in any city, traffic has become an unforeseeable part of life.  All the roads are blocked with traffic no matter what the time of the day is.  Birmingham is no exception in the case of traffic as Birmingham is an industrial city and in that regard, Birmingham is considered one of the worst cities for traffic.

  • The rush hour in Birmingham starts from 7:30 AM and 9: 00 AM and during that time all the main routes of the city are blocked. In the evening the traffic hours start from 4:30 PM up till 6:30 PM.

  • In Birmingham, traffic on the motorway is relatively lighter on certain days of the week including Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The time zone in which the roads are particularly lighter is 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  However on alternate days majorly Friday motorway is tend to be more congested than any other weekday.

  • The things that can be done to avoid traffic is to arrive at work around 8:30 AM and leave at 4:30 so that you do not have to face congested traffic and in that way, you can also avoid the potential danger of an accident. 

  • The other thing that you can do is to always have alternate routes in your mind so that you can take those roads in case of heavy traffic.  Another thing is to navigate the traffic through different apps so that you can remain ahead.

Free Parking near Birmingham City Center 

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  • Barrack street

  • Henley Street

  • Windsor Street South 

  • Keeley Street

  • Darnel Croft

  • Miller Street

The Best Car Rental in Birmingham 

Free 2 move is one of the best car rentals in Birmingham that is providing quality services to its customers for a long. If you are in Birmingham and want to visit each and every corner of the city, you can rent a car and continue your journey without any obstruction because it is best to have a car instead of using public transport while moving all across the city. 

The Best Road Trips from Birmingham 

Birmingham is a place that is full of industrial history and art. The best road trips near Birmingham can give you the chance to escape day-to-day life and experience other attractions surrounding the city.  Some of the best adventurous road trips near Birmingham are mentioned below.

  • Cotswolds 

This is one of the prettiest areas in England and it is full of chocolate-box villages and country lanes.  From Birmingham, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach there.  However, if you take the other route along the A38, Then you would be passing through historical areas including market towns, and some lush green meadows that smoothen the eyes.

  • Royal Leamington Spa 

Royal Leamington Spa is a town on the River Avon with picturesque quality. This town is full of marvelous Regency architecture and blooming ornamental gardens. This town is a few miles away from Birmingham, and one can reach there in 40 minutes by car.  However, when you step into this town, you feel like you have stepped into a different century.  Back in the 18th-century people used to visit this town for its healing waters.  Nevertheless, in the present time, people visit this town for its scenery, welcoming museums, and art galleries. 

  • Malvern Hills 

Malvern Hills are famous for offering panoramic views of dramatic peaks and ancient woodland.  Malvern Hills are just one hour's drive away from Birmingham.  This is considered one of the best road trips near Birmingham.  You can go horse riding, fishing in the ponds and rivers, you can go rock climbing, and paragliding as well.  Apart from that, there are cycle paths and more than 100 miles of walking trails.


  • What is the average cost to rent a car in Birmingham?

The average cost to rent a car in Birmingham is $ 535 per day. 

  • What is the cheapest price for a rental car in Birmingham?

The cheapest price for a rental car in Birmingham is Fiat 500 $65 per day. 

  • What is the most popular car rental type in Birmingham?

The compact is the most booked rental car type in Birmingham. 


In the present time, people prefer to travel in cars instead of taking public transport. The updated methodology of car renting and other modifications have made it easy for you to rent a car through Car Rental Birmingham. You can have a good experience of wandering in the city of history surrounded by museums and art galleries that go well along with the summer vibe and can make your holidays memorable.