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IMPORTANT /! This agency is not located at the airport but close to it. A shuttle service between the airport and the agency is available.

Prepare your rental:

  1. Go to the PR2 Professional Parking
  2. Contact the number indicated on your rental contract.
  3. Once there, the consultant will verify your identity.
  4. You will complete your inventory of fixtures via the Free2Move application.
  5. You can then leave for your rental.

Few details about the rental process

  • A deposit is required before the rental can take place. Without a deposit, the rental is not possible.
  • The vehicle is offered to you with a fuel level, please return the vehicle with the same fuel level. If this is not the case, the difference in fuel will be charged to you.
  • Thank you to meticulously carry out the inventory of fixtures of departure and return, in the event of missing or nonconforming inventory of fixtures, 20€ will be charged to you with the unit.
  • Thank you for returning the vehicle in the same state of cleanliness as when you received it.
  • In case of non respect of this instruction, cleaning fees will be charged 48€ (level 1) 96€ (level 2)

You will need to bring the following documents for each driver: (Not applicable for Key Accounts):

  • Your debit or credit card used for the deposit (it must be in the lead driver's name);
  • A valid form of ID with the same name and address as the licence
  • A valid driving licence for each driver of the vehicle (in case your licence is in a foreign language, thank you for presenting an official translation),
  • (Only for UK licence)A "check code" from DVLA allowing the rental agent to carry out a licence check

WARNING: Without these items, our agents will not give you the vehicle.

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Opening Hours

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