Free2Move Rent - MIDI AUTO 56 - VANNES-SENE (C) 24/7

Your rental will be done on a vehicle with access by smartphone. Be sure to read the instructions below.




Prepare your rental:

  1. Download the app: accessing the vehicle and doing the car inspection are only possible with it. If you have not created a password yet, first click on "Forgotten password".
  2. Find your reservation in the "Booking" tab of the app.
  3. If you have not already done so, complete your profil:
    • photo of your identity document (front and back),
    • photo of your driver's license (front and back),
    • a selfie (take a self portrait)
  4. Validation of your identity can take up to ten minutes : if the quality of the pictures does not make possible to establish the genuinity of the documents, you will be invited to renew the operation.
  5. Deposit : 72 hours before the start of your rental or immediately if you leave the day after you bookin, a pre-authorization request will be made.
  6. The digital key of the vehicle is available in the "Booking" tab once the deposit is accepted. Remember to download it before the departure day (telephone network coverage required).

Departure day:

  1. Go to the agency's area reserved for self-service vehicles.
  2. Unlock the vehicle with the digital key.
  3. The vehicle keys are located in the glove box or console.
  4. Proceed to your inspection report via the app. It's simple and guided. Any missing inspection report will be charged 200 €.