Your rental will be done on a vehicle with access by smartphone. Be sure to read the instructions below.




Before your booking :

  1. Download our the app for iOS / Android and login.If you have not yet created a password, first click on "Forgotten password".
  2. Complete your account registration (if you haven't already) by adding: a picture of your ID, of your driving licence and a selfie. Validating your account takes around 10 minutes; if your pictures quality isn't good enough you will be asked to send new ones in order to validate your booking. If you have any question, please contact our customer service.
  3. 72 hours before your rental begins (or immediately of you booked your rental less than 3 days before it starts) a bank authorization will be done in order to secure your deposit for the rental. If this operation is refused by your bank, you will receve an email asking you to try again.
  4. Your booking will be displayed through the "Booking" tab on our app
  5. Download the car key while you have a good telephone coverage.

On the day your rental begins:

  1. Get to the Free2Move Rent TIVOLI (RM) 24/7 dealership at the address provided. Get to the area dedicated to self-service vehicles.
  2. Unlock the vehicle with the app
  3. The car keys will be in the glove box or in the central glove pocket.
  4. Proceed to the car inspection by taking pictures of the vehicle and confirm it through the app.

For an optimal experience:

  • Return the vehicle clean and with the same fuel level as the one at the begining of your rental. If not, you will be charged with fuel fees.
  • If the dealership's parking lot is not accessible or full, please call our customer service to get more instructions.
  • If you encounter any difficulty for locking or unlocking the vehicle, please contact our customer service.