Harley Car Park (0)

Conveniently located for weekend breaks. This site is inside the congestion charging zone This site also has toliets and baby changing facilities
Security measures
Harley Street parking features entry and exit security gates.

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Harley Street Car Park, Queen Anne Mews, Harley Street W1G 9HF, GB


Push the button at the barrier, take a ticket and park your car.

Parking prices are calculated in 24-hour blocks, starting from the time you arrive at the car park, not the time on your confirmation. If you park for more time than you booked, the car park will charge you for the extra time at its normal rate.

Your booking ends as soon as you leave the car park. If you try to leave and come back in again, this will invalidate your booking and you will have to pay again, even if you're still within the time you booked.

If you are parking for less than 24 hours, it may be cheaper to go through the car park directly. Their prices, like ours, change according to availability. Don't forget, though, that if you don't book, the car park may be full.

This car park is in the congestion charge zone. Please visit www.cclondon.com for information about the congestion charge and how to pay it.

Transfers are required with this car park.
The Harley Street car park is located only a short distance from Regent Street and Oxford Circus.

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