Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Official Airport Parking Eco (180)


Aéroport Lyon-Saint Exupéry BP113, 69125 Lyon-Saint Exupéry Aéroport, FR


  1. The Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport Official Parking is located on the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport area, with quick access to terminals 2 in 15 minutes by foot.   
  2. The parking is outside , located at 10 minutes from the TGV station and accessible 24/7.   
  3. Parking Eco is recommended for parking for a period of 0 to 3 days.   
  4. This car park is provided by the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport Official Parking.    
       ** Entering your license plate number will allow you to access the car parks more quickly and simply via an automatic plate reading system at the entrance and exit of the car park. Feel free to inquire!    
  5. As soon as you arrive at the airport, reach ECO parking
  6. Scan your QR code at the entrance of the parking
  7. You can park where you want on the parking